When choosing presents for parents it can be so easy to slip into buying something for baby instead especially when they are so young. Whether you are looking for a ‘push present’ or a birthday gift we think you can not go wrong with a lovely piece of jewellery for mum or dad.

We have some great gifts sets for new parents. Whether you want something with a bit of sparkle or something more practical here are a few ideas…

How about a mix and match set for a new mum. Included in this set is a gift for mum and baby. You can choose colours and designs to make this feel a bit more personal.

Our Liberty gift sets are hugely popular. From £30 you can get a gorgeous necklace and bracelet set that don’t look at all like they are suitable for grabby babies but they are! The Liberty Print gunmetal butterfly set is perfect for mums of babies born in the Spring.

And not forget a present for dad! Why not choose one of our lovely Papa Jewels? Our Fin bracelet is great for dad’s that don’t usually wear jewellery and are used to something a little more discreet.

If you are not sure what to buy why not opt for our gift vouchers? These start from £10 and means the mom or dad can take their time on choosing something perfect for them. This is great for work colleagues that may not know the mum to be as well as say family or friends.

Would you buy a new parent a piece of jewellery rather than the traditional blanket and onesie set? We think that a piece of jewellery to celebrate the birth of a baby can be a really stand put gift. What do you think?