Spring Cleaning checklist | Download to pin on your fridge

Decorating our homes with art we love and objects of meaning can create a JOY-inducing space, but as the years go by, add pets and children to the mix and we often find our homes cluttered and quite disorganised and claustrophobic. The extra clutter we accumulate over the years can be counterproductive. I know that I struggle to settle into anything unless the space around me is tidy and clean. So this weekend, how about a little de-cluttering and spring cleaning to clear out those unwanted belongings as they accumulate.

I’ve recently decluttered and made a few ££ on the Facebook marketplace, (it’s not always like those TikTok gifs) and with the proceeds, I bought new cushions and plants and made our conservatory look rather beautiful for next to nothing. I walk in that room now and literally feel JOY!

I hope you manage to do the same. 🙂

We’ve created a lovely Spring clean printable for you to download and pin up in your kitchen! You can save and print these JPEG files

Enjoy your spring cleaning and de-cluttering – It’s literally free JOY!