My name is Helen I am a 30 something mum from Brighton I blog about my family, life and health and I run a small baking business from my tiny kitchen. I have two beautiful children a daughter who is 4 and as sassy as hell and a son who is now 9 months and born prematurely. My days are filled with children and fun.

helen and her brood


Now teething is a big thing in my house my son is currently going through the mill a bit. He is behind due to being premature and born at a tiny 3lb 80z but teething does not seem to be a thing he is behind in. We already have two teeth and these came along with a chronic red sore and painful face which was made ten times worse with acidic dribble. But the worst part for him is his bottom! He got such horrific nappy rash that within two hours of it appearing he had blisters he ended up on steroid cream and this happens each time we get a tooth.

Now the process has started again and drool is endless we go through at least 8 bibs and outfits a day as when the teething starts up his acid reflux also gets worse, the poor boy really suffers.

I have tried everything and the only real thing that works for him is teething granules either Ashton & Parsons powder or Nelsons Teething powder they work almost instantly and I always leave a little in the packet so that I can dip my finger in it to rub on his gums.

I have just about every teething tool under the sun to help ease his chewing needs but luckily he prefers to chew a muslin as he can clamp his gums on it and pull it through I am guessing because the rough material  helps itch his gums??

I am a sucker when it comes to purchasing teething tools I see a new one and think maybe just maybe this could be the one that makes all the difference. If anyone out there has a miracle cure I would love to hear it!