You may noticed a few changes at Mama Jewels recently, not only to our ever increasing range of jewellery designs, but some logo and website changes too.

Mama Jewels has evolved so much within the past three years and we really aren’t the same company that was pioneered way back in December 2009.

Mama Jewels Social media logo

A recent competition that we held asked our customers to send in a picture of something that inspired them. We have used these pictures to get started on some new designs, but it also they gave us a real feel for what our customers love and helped us steer where we are heading.

We loved our original logo in fact we still do, but we really felt it was time for Mama Jewels to grow up a little bit, make things a little more sophisticated, understated and representative of what YOU our customers are looking for in the future.

For our loyal customers from way back then, you may remember some of our first designs and will probably agree that things have moved on in leaps and bounds. We now try to focus on beautiful yet practical gifts and fashion for ladies who spend most of their days with little ones but still love to play with style and fashion.



So why the changes to our website and logo? (Sorry I’m not keen on the phrase re-brand, sounds too expensive)

  1. Firstly we wanted to show that we listen and act upon our customer comments and feedback
  2. We wanted to show that we have evolved and grown up
  3. Fashions change, jewellery styles change and it was time for us to change as well
  4. We have future plans that we think will work better with our new design and we felt now was the right time to move forward.
  5. We want YOU our loyal customers to come with us on this journey and hopefully continue to wear our jewellery and other products way beyond the baby years.

The Mama Jewels New Logo

One thing that hasn’t changed is our values and service to YOU. We are still very much a family company with a reputation for a very personal and friendly level of customer service. Many an hour is spent with my husband and friends chewing the gristle late into the night and coming up with ways to make Mama Jewels better and better

Matt and I now have three boys, 1, 3 and 6 and Mama Jewels has become part of their life too. The boys love making their own jewellery (well for as long as their short attention spans allow) and I hope as time goes by they will be able to do little jobs for us and earn their pocket money just as I did as a child for my parents’ business.

We really hope you love the new logo and hope that it represents YOU our customers. If you have a moment, please do let us know what you think.

Thankyou all for your part in making Mama Jewels what it is today.


Amanda, Matt, Elizabeth, Lucy and The boys x

La Famille Mama Jewels