As we all know, Christmas is a busy time, more so if you are travelling anywhere during the Christmas period. Here are our top tips for surviving travelling during the festive period.

Tips For Preparing For Christmas Travel with children

Tips For Preparing For Christmas Travel with children

Tips For Preparing For Christmas Travel with children:

  • Make a list. Being busy can sometimes mean forgetting the essentials when you’re travelling. By making a list, you can ensure you don’t forget your chargers/ hair dryer.
  • Plan your journey around the traffic- Not always possible, but travelling on public holidays can mean long delays. Can you take the day off before the standard holidays or even set your alarm and travel first thing in the morning?
  • Pack your bags the night before you go and leave your clothes for each person laid out ready. This prevents the added stress of finding an outfit and having to iron it before you head off. It may bite into valuable travelling time otherwise (and stop the tears.)
  • Travelling with small children requires preparation –  By packing snacks, activities, books, even a portable DVD player for long journeys can really save their boredom (and even your sanity)
  • Ensure you have a full first aid kit, spare wheel and blankets stored in the car. Preparing for all eventualities can prevent issues later on.
  • Plan toilet stops to stretch your legs and to get fresh air and maybe even a coffee. Try not to drive too many miles without stopping, it is always wise to have a wander and keep your circulation flowing and distracting the children with new sights on the way isn’t a bad idea either!

It is inevitable that children will get bored at some point during the journey, even playing games like I-spy can alleviate boredom and make the time go quicker.

Take a deep breath and drive safely, it may be a longer journey than usual but if you are prepared, hopefully it will take the stress away and be the start of a fantastic festive season! Do you have any travel tips for travelling with children over the Christmas period?