Need a great idea for a unique gift for a new mum or baby shower gift, how about a piece of beautifully designed jewellery that is baby-proof as a really thoughtful gift for a new mum? Finding something unique for a new mum gift can be tricky as there is always the temptation to buy something for baby and some flowers and chocolates for the mum. Unfortunately neither last that long and actually flowers aren’t allowed in hospitals and the new mum may be already inundated with chocolates or may be already thinking about watching her weight.


Mama Jewels have come up with a fantastic solution for a unique gift for a new mum and that is a baby-proof piece of jewellery that the new mum will be able to wear throughout the pulling tugging stages of having a baby, when they are teething and pulling. But not only that, they are so beautifully designed that the mum will wear them long after her baby is out of that teething tugging stage.

Mama Jewels are a jewellery design company that have added their design flair to making baby-proof designs that are strength tested up to 90N. ‘We wanted to create jewellery that mums could wear without fear of their little ones breaking them, but feel as though they weren’t compromising on design and style’ says Mama jewels owner Amanda Waring.

There are now quite a few brands of teething necklace or nursing necklace on the market, but they do tend to be pretty toy like in appearance and we wanted to do something different, giving mums who LOVE fashion jewellery the option of something a little bit more grown up.



So why would you buy Mama Jewels as a gift for a new mum?

Our Jewellery is Strength tested to BS EN 71 (Toy standards 90N) parts 1, 2 and 3

Mama Jewels are made using Non Toxic Acrylic Beads which are suitable for Teething children to chew on whilst being worn by the parent.

They are washable / Can be steam sterilised and can be popped in the dishwasher ( Please note this excludes Microwave and Chemical sterilisers)

They can help to improves dexterity of little fingers due to the variety of beads and components used

They are beautifully presented and gift boxed and can be sent directly to the mum via post.

Each peice is designed to follow the latest trends and colours using calming, light catching colours

They can help to keep babies attention when feeding due to the variety of beads used.

Available in many exclusive designs, and many colour ways.

Bespoke design service available

Designed and made by Mums for Mums and are Handmade in the UK.


MAMA JEWELS is the only mother and child friendly jewellery on the market with our exclusive ‘SOFT TOUCH’ knotted design. Unlike other similar products, we use knotted soft, flexible and washable acrylic thread, so that the beads can easily be flexed and are really comfy to wear, with no fear of catching or pulling hair.

If you have any questions or queries about our jewellery we would love to answer them, please contact Amanda or Elizabeth at