I don’t know about you, but being a new mum can play havoc on your body and your mind, I think! I know we joke about so-called baby brain, but research has shown that there really could be some truth in it. And I have to say that in my experience, one or two brain cells probably were sent out to pasture during pregnancy! Good job we have extra to spare…! Humour aside though, there are days where the sheer volume of all we have to remember reaches breaking point, especially when it comes to things such as remembering which side we’re supposed to be feeding baby on! So it’s always good to have the odd trick up your sleeve- and that’s where breastfeeding reminder bracelets come in. Oh yes, t’s true. Breastfeeding reminder bracelets help with baby brain. It’s official!


How do they work? Breastfeeding reminder bracelets are such a simple concept but one that many mums have told us they cannot cope without! A breastfeeding reminder bracelet is truly a multi-tasking accessory designed to make your life a little easier, and lessen the load on your memory too. The way it works is simple, but effective. The bracelets are mounted on double strength cord so they are fully baby proof, and they are easy to take on and off as and when you need to. Simply switch the arm that you wear it on depending on which side you’re feeding from. So at the end of the feed, pop your breastfeeding reminder bracelet onto the other wrist and when baby is ready for another feed you’ll be certain which side to feed from. Genius!

All of our breastfeeding reminder bracelets have been designed with love, care, and attention to detail and each has a little charm attached to make them individual, and better suited to you. Choose from charms that read “Mummy’s milk`” or “this side next” and rest assured that each one has been thoroughly tested according to British safety standards. We know only too well that little hands like to keep busy, even when baby is busy feeding. And we also know that a brightly coloured bracelet is going to be too much of a temptation too. So the double strength cord and the good sized beads means that baby cannot break your bracelet, no matter how hard she pulls! Our breastfeeding reminder bracelets are also great for teething babies too- no reason why they can’t have a quick chew if the moment takes them!

So this is how using a breastfeeding reminder bracelet helps with baby brain. Simple, and yet it’s the perfect way to combat at least one little problem you’re likely to be faced with now that the chaos of life with a newborn has descended. Now all we need someone to invent a device that finds car keys in odd places!