What Do First Time Mums Need the Most?

First-time mums have lots to prepare for. From stocking up on the essentials that a new bundle of joy will need to prepare their own body and mind for the impending arrival, it is easy for some things to go by the wayside.

Many first-time mums will feel overwhelmed before and after the birth. Whilst they need to navigate the world of parenthood in the way that suits them best, the people around them still have a huge part to play. Being a new mum is filled with lots of new feelings and emotions. By choosing your new baby gifts wisely, you are sure to make a first-time mum’s experience more positive.

What Are First Time Mums Dealing With?

Just like choosing a gift for any other occasion, selecting a first-time mother’s treat can only be successfully done if you consider what she is dealing with. By getting in the new mother’s mind in your life, you are more likely to help her in many ways.

New mums deal with the following:

  • New responsibility that they have never had to deal with before. This can come at the detriment of their well-being, so it’s all about learning how to balance being a mum with still being the person they were before.
  • Looking and feeling different can also be something new, as it can take six months to return to pre-pregnancy conditions.
  • Being sleep deprived and hormonal can make even the most mundane of daily tasks difficult.
  • Getting to know your baby is also something that takes time. While the bond can be immediate, learning their personalities and quirks is the same as meeting a few people and understanding what they are like.

What Items Do New Mums Need?

What Items Do New Mums Need?

You will likely read many different advice columns regarding what new mothers need. At Mama Jewels, we have made it our mission to dig deeper and create a catalogue or products that make a difference. Using our experience as parents and lots of research, we are confident in recommending solutions that make daily life easier for first-time mums.

First-time mothers need the following:

Plenty of muslin cloths, bibs, and baby clothing

When you have dribbly little ones to contend with, clothing changes and lots of muslin cloths are essential. You should have at least ten muslin cloths in your collection, but the more, the merrier!

Bibs are also essential for catching any spills and protecting the baby’s clothing to eliminate the need for constant washing. Many outfit options are also important, as we know that keeping a baby in one outfit daily is rare.

First-time mums will be learning how a routine with a little one works, so ensuring they have plenty of fabrics close to hand is essential so that battling with the laundry load is not an added headache.

Teething toys that can keep baby stimulated

First-time mums also need lots of teething toys within close reach. This becomes a vital piece of baby apparatus as the child develops and provides entertainment when a mum needs some time to get something else done.

New mums will have lots on their plate, and most of the day will be filled with baby-related tasks. There will, however, be odd pockets of time in which they need some time for them (we are talking about popping to the loo or making a cup of tea, for example!).

Teething or interactive toys are also brilliant for a child’s development as they improve hand-eye coordination, agility, intelligent thinking, and strength. Another brilliant option aside from your traditional teething toys is teething jewellery which offers a chic accessory that is also useful. 

Natural skincare and bathing products for both mum and baby

It is not just the physical act of looking after a baby that is a first for new mums, but also knowing what skincare items to use.

A new mum will be looking for ways to protect their little one’s sensitive skin and improve her own skin. New mums will have to deal with changes to their bodies, including dry patches and dehydration. The market for suitable products can be overwhelming, so we have stocked our own collection of vegan items. 

Products that promote selfcare and wellbeing time

First-time mums need to take time for themselves.

70% of new mums experience mental health problems combined with some physical conditions. While we are not saying that this ever gets easier with the more children that you have, for first-time mothers, it can pose a hard adjustment to what life what like pre-baby.

A new mum must know that taking time for herself is okay. Products that promote this include new mother hampers, pamper skincare items and self-care items like mindful journals.

Everyday essential baby items always come in handy

Aside from the items that we have already mentioned, new mums will also need a range of everyday products including the following:

  • Nappies and rash cream
  • Baby monitors
  • Baby travel equipment to facilitate getting out and about
  • Changing bags and accessories
  • Rocking chair or glider
  • Play mats
  • Support pillows
  • Bottles and/or breastfeeding supplies (nursing pads, nipple cream, lactation teas, breast pumps, and milk bags)
  • Products to alleviate any of their physical discomfort.

You can often find products like these included within baby gift boxes or in all good convenience stores. Some of these items will be things that a first-time mum is aware of and others will be an expected addition to their new lives.

How Can You Help a First Time Mum?

How Can You Help a First Time Mum?

Knowing what the first-time mum in your life needs can be complex. We have covered the main areas, but it is always best to check in with your first-time mum to see what she needs.

Other ways that you can help a new mum are as follows:

Choose Useful Gifts    

Whilst that giant teddy bear or personalised playset may be tempting to buy, is it something a first-time mum needs? The thought will always be appreciated, and that is not being disputed, but you should always be mindful of what is now required.

A first-time mum will quickly become overwhelmed if she has many extra ‘things’ suddenly appearing that she needs to find room for.

In need of some advice? Check out some of our other blogs below –

Give Them Your Support

Not everything that a first-time mum needs comes in the form of a gift. It is also important to show that you can by sending positive messages of affirmations, offering to make dinner, or just making it known that you are close by.

Don’t Take Over!

Just because this may be a lady’s first child doesn’t mean she cannot figure out what to do.

It is important to offer support but not takeover. First-time mums often welcome advice and need support, but they do not need you to do everything for them.

How Can You Spoil a First Time Mum?

Hopefully, now you feel more understanding of what a first-time mum needs.

Whether you plan on using the advice to create a stellar baby hamper or are a first-time mum looking for guidance, we hope you have found it useful.

It is important to avoid overwhelming a first-time mum with lots of gifts or advice. Instead, planning your approach and support carefully is the best way to manage things. The Mama Jewels gift collection is designed to eliminate the guesswork. By combining staple accessories with well-being treats, we can offer all the essentials for whatever need a first-time mum has.

Explore our collection to find your perfect gift.