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Is there a pregnant lady in your life, who deserves to be pampered and reminded of how loved she is? Are you wondering what type of gift is best to surprise her with?

Well, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will answer the question, what do pregnant women need the most?

What do pregnant women need the most?

Pregnancy is a magical time, but it is also an exhausting (and sometimes traumatic) ordeal. Expecting mums go through a rollercoaster of emotions, as she grows a tiny human inside her.

The pregnancy will be a brand new experience for the mother, even if she has older children already. Every pregnancy is different, as unique as the little person growing inside her!

So, what do pregnant women need the most?

Here are a few of our recommendations for Mama Jewels gifts to surprise that pregnant woman in your life:

Ø  Pregnancy Hamper

At Mama Jewels, we have curated a stunning line of gift hampers, which are designed to treat pregnant and postpartum mums.

One of our selection of Pregnancy Hampers is sure to put a smile on the face of any pregnant woman! These delightful hampers are filled with relaxation goodies, to encourage the expecting mummy to take some time out to prioritise self-care.

All the products in our gift hampers are pregnancy-safe and vegan-friendly. This means there are no harsh chemicals or animal-derived ingredients that can clog pores or irritate the skin. We also use eco-conscious packaging, as we believe we can all do our part to be kind to the planet.

We recommend our Mum To Be Pamper Hamper Gift Box (Lilac), which is a luscious treat box that any lady will love.

Inside this gorgeous pamper hamper are:

  • Bump and Baby Shea Butter balm, which is formulated to replenish dry, itchy skin.
  • Matcha Green Face Mask, for soothing facial breakouts.
  • Lavender Bump and Bath Oil, for helping with lack of sleep and for an aching back.
  • Lavender Sleepy Soap for bathing and to aid sleep.
  • Natural Hemp and Avocado Lip Butter for dry lips which is great in labour.
  • Lavender Heart Bath Bombs to help you relax in the bath.

Shop our Mum To Be Pamper Hamper Gift Box (Lilac) here.

Ø  Create Your Own Gift Hamper

At Mama Jewels, we also offer you the option to Create Your Own Hamper, so you can pick out your own presents, tailored specially for the pregnant woman in your life.

You are the best person to decide what goes into a curated hamper. If you’re building it for a pregnant woman, then you can add some pregnancy essentials that you know they will love!

Are you looking to surprise expectant parents? Then why not browse our Gifts for New Dads? Let’s not forget that fathers’ lives are about to change too, as they prepare to welcome a little prince or princess into the world.

Click here to Create Your Own Gift Hamper.

Ø  Vegan Baby and Bump Natural Serum for Mum and Baby

Isn’t it so frustrating when you have to use different skincare products for different family members, because you all have different skin types and needs?

Well, we have created our Vegan Baby and Bump Natural Serum for Mum and Baby, as a ‘2 in 1’ solution to treat skin problems of both mother and infant.

This makes a lovely addition to a gift hamper for a pregnant lady.

Gentle enough for a baby’s sensitive, tender skin, our serum can be used to hydrate your little angel’s dry patches.

Handmade with love in the UK, you can also use this product to treat nappy rashes, eczema flare-ups and dry skin which is prone to dermatitis and psoriasis.

Rich in sweet almond oil and shea butter, with added chamomile and calendula, this serum is deeply nourishing.

Our natural serum is also a soothing remedy for wounds, burns, scars and inflammation.

Shop our Vegan Baby and Bump Natural Serum for Mum and Baby here.

Ø  Massage Oil for Baby, Bump & The Whole Family

What can be more relaxing for a pregnant woman than a long, warm soak in the bath?

Our Bath & Massage Oil for Baby, Bump, & the Whole Family makes a real treat for both a mummy-to-be and her little angel’s tender skin. A heavenly combination of lavender essential oil, almond oil and jojoba oil, this massage oil is suitable for adults, children and babies from 1 month old onwards.

Great when used with baby massage techniques, our 100% natural massage oil has moisturising properties and will help lull your baby to a peaceful sleep.

To create a dreamy, relaxing time before bed, simply add a couple of drops of the massage oil to the baby’s bath.

Shop our Massage Oil for Baby, Bump & The Whole Family here.

How do you take care of a pregnant woman?

If you have a pregnant spouse, friend or relative, then you must be so excited about the brand-new bundle of joy that will soon enter your life!

To take care of the pregnant woman in your life, follow these tips below.

  • Reassure her with kind, loving words. She may feel nervous about giving birth, or self-conscious about her body, so you should make her feel special and loved.
  • Surprise her with a thoughtful gift, such as a pregnancy gift hamper.
  • Listen to what she has to say. Don’t offer unsolicited advice!
  • Be mindful of mood swings and irritability, which are due to changes in her hormone levels.
  • Be there to support her at doctor’s appointments, or if she experiences pregnancy-related ailments such as morning sickness.
  • Make sure she takes the time to rest, relax and sleep well.
  • Volunteer to babysit older children, to give her a quick break from mum duties. Let her enjoy some well-deserved alone time!

  • Read up and conduct research on pregnancy and childbirth, so you feel informed and educated about what she is going through.
  • Offer to do errands for her, for example, walking the dog, doing laundry, or picking up her favourite takeaway.
  • Help her to stay hydrated and eat healthy foods. She should avoid foods that are not safe for pregnancy, such as alcohol, high-mercury fish, raw seafood, cold meats, and raw eggs.
  • Encourage her to do gentle exercise, stay active and keep moving. You can accompany her on walks, or do a home workout video with her, so she doesn’t feel alone in the experience.
  • Remind her to take her prenatal vitamins and supplements. For instance, she needs to take 400 micrograms of folic acid every day until she is 12 weeks pregnant, as this prevents birth defects.
  • Keep her away from things that could be harmful to her health, or to her unborn child. For instance, don’t let her go near a cat litter tray or cat faeces, as this can transfer a parasitic infection called Toxoplasmosis, which can cause miscarriage or serious complications.
  • When it comes to making important decisions (such as finding out the baby’s gender or deciding on a birth plan), don’t dictate what you think she should do. Give her the time and space to think things over, and respect her choices.
  • Try not to make massive decisions without her. For instance, if you surprise her with a baby shower, she might feel hurt that you didn’t consult her first.
  • Find ways to reduce her stress. For example, encourage her to read, do some meditation/yoga, or watch her favourite TV series.

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