What Do Teething Toys Do?

Most babies will start to develop teeth at six months old, with the teething process often starting just before that. When not soothed, teething babies will be upset, in pain, and generally under the weather, which is why teething toys are a brilliant option to consider.

What do teething toys do we hear you ask? Keep reading to discover why these simple products will be your must-have baby accessory and why it makes a brilliant baby gift, for Christmas and any other occasion!

What is the purpose of a teething toy?

Whilst the benefits of a teething toy are plentiful; the purpose remains the same no matter how or when they are used. Designed to relieve painful teething and aid development, teething toys are an essential staple for every parent! Most children will have all their baby teeth by three, which means they are experiencing a painful process before they can even talk. For many, this is frustrating as babies cannot express themselves yet. This results in unhappy babies who are in pain and discomfort.

A teething toy is designed to distract from the anguish that young ones feel during teething by offering a way to soothe associated pain. They are also designed to help parents, as looking after a teething baby is a time-consuming task. By offering a safe-to-use method of relieving teething pain, parents can still carry out their daily activities without all their spare time being spent caring for upset little ones.

How do teething toys work?

The NHS recommends teething toys as something to chew safely by little ones who are experiencing pain from cutting their first set of teeth. The way that teething toys work is simple, offering a natural way to relieve discomfort without needing medicines.

When teething, babies will be chewing and gnawing on anything in site as all their attention is focused on the mouth and jaw. This is also because providing slight pressure to the area is a way to relieve some of the aching and help gums break quicker, meaning the teething process is over in a timelier manner. The pressure applied from chewing on a durable teething toy also massages the gums meaning that additional inflammation in the jaw is also soothed at the same time.

There are also benefits associated with using teething toys, as they provide more support than just relief from teething pain. The action of mouthing and playing with a teething toy also works to aid the following:

Hand-Eye Coordination: By providing a tool that needs to be bought closer to the face, hand-eye movements are also improved. Teething toys are designed to be grabbed, held, and moved around, meaning they work to improve the visual judgement of little ones.

Manual Dexterity: Teething toys also improve hand strength and movements when they are moved around. This means they also work to improve strength and coordination alongside relieving dental pain.

Awareness of Surroundings: Having something to hold and play with also means that teething toys work to improve a child’s engagement with their environment.

Whilst the main goal is to alleviate pain, the many other benefits mean that teething toys in all forms can be an educational and handy accessory for any baby to interact with.

What are the signs of a teething baby

crying baby

Teething toys work best when they are used at the first sign of tooth-growing activity taking place. This is always obvious, so it’s good to be clued up on the signs of teething so that you are ready to tackle the problem as soon as it arises.

As this can be at different stages for every child, we think that giving the gift of a teething toy is a brilliant idea. This means that parents are equipped and ready for when teething arises. Furthermore, starting your little one with a teething toy at the first sign of pain means they are not going to be as aware of the discomfort they are feeling and hopefully it will never get to the point where it cannot be minimised.

The signs to look out for when it comes to teething are the following:

  • Red gums that are warm to the touch and inflamed
  • A mild temperature (Anything above 38 degrees is considered a sign of concern and may represent that your child is teething)
  • Rosy cheeks or a rash on the face that is spreading
  • More dribble than normal
  • An increased desire to chew or gnaw on anything or everything
  • Irritable mood and unable to settle in the normal methods
  • Scratching or touching the face and ears
  • Not wanting to eat or drink as they would normally do so

What forms of teething toys are available?

From childlike toys to wearable jewellery items, teething toys come in all shapes and sizes, ideal for stimulating every child. We have a selection of teething products which we believe are the best options for little ones.

For wearable items, we have a collection of teething necklaces and bracelets. You may be thinking, ‘What is a teething necklace?’¬†and ‘What is a teething bracelet?’, you may be thinking? Available in lots of colours and designs, parents can match their baby’s teething toys to their outfits easily with these chic, everyday accessories. Not only do they¬†offer the perfect way to make a new Mum feel special, but they offer instant relief for a teething baby. Made from safe materials, they encourage a baby to focus on the jewellery item instead of the discomfort that they may be experiencing.

Teething Rings are another option, but one that has had a modern facelift over recent years. Typically made from silicone rubber or smooth wood, these toys are great as they help soothe your baby while providing dexterity support. From sleek teething necklaces that are comfortable to wear and incredibly stylish to fun bunny-shaped teethers that allow a baby to develop their confidence, we have something for everybody.

MAMA JEWELS TOP TIP ‚Äď You can also elevate your baby’s comfort even further by placing the teether in the fridge or freezer before using it. The cold feeling with provide even more soothing and keep them comfortable for longer! We also recommend having a few different teething toys to hand as it means your baby will never get bored with the accessory.

What age babies are teething toys best for?

It is recommended that teething toys are used for babies that are between four and seven months old. This is the point of time that teeth cutting is likely to be its most painful and this form of soothing is best intended for offering wider support and confidence to children of this age. When children get older, other pain relief methods are safer, such as child-friendly paracetamol. They are also less likely to feel the level of discomfort that babies and children would.

As teething toys are ideal for younger babies, they are great to give as a gift to new parents. They are one of those accessories that you can never have too many off. They also make a brilliant, versatile item, offering relief from teething and a toy to keep babies occupied.

Why should you get your teething toys from Mama Jewels?

As experts in all things babies, we know a thing or two about the perils of teething. Our own experiences with dribbling little ones have meant we have curated a collection of premium teething accessories that make a difference. Our teething collection is an excellent choice as it covers baby gift hampers for boys and baby gift hampers for girls with a selection of unisex items also included.

When you shop for your teething toys from us, you can rest assured in knowing that:

  • We only stock toys that are safe to use. Boasting chemical-free materials and soft surfaces, we have selected only the best items that will do good for your little one. The last thing you want is to experience an infection or illness because of the very item that was supposed to be soothing them.
  • You can shop from a broad selection as we want to provide something for everyone. From sunshine yellow bunny teething toys to playful pink pineapple teethers, our collection offers something for every need.
  • Our teething toys will make a difference in your little one‚Äôs daily life. We combine style with practicality and are always looking for ways to further enhance our collection so that you are getting more products in one. An example of this is our teething necklaces that can be a soothing toy by day and a fashionable accessory by night!

Does your little one need a teething toy?

When considering what do teething toys do, it is important to consider the extra benefits that they simple accessories can make to your children. From providing comfort to improving cognitive ability, when you select the right teething toy, the benefits are endless!

Shop from our collection of teething toys, teething necklaces, and teething bracelets today.