What Do You Buy for a Baby Shower Gift?

A baby shower is a tremendously exciting occasion. It is a time for friends, family and loved ones to shower the pregnant mum with attention and presents, to celebrate the fact that she will soon be welcoming a new bundle of joy in her life.

Are you in need of gift inspiration for a baby shower? Are you wondering the answer to the question ‘what do you buy for a baby shower gift?’

In this blog article, we will recommend our favourite presents, to hopefully provide the gift inspiration you need.

What Do You Buy for a Baby Shower Gift?

Read on to discover our recommendations for excellent baby shower gifts for mums-to-be and new mums.

Everything we sell at Mama Jewels is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and comes in sustainable packaging because every act of kindness to the planet can help make a difference in the world we live in.

Gift Hampers for Pregnant Women

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A wonderful idea for a baby shower gift is a ‘pamper hamper’ for the pregnant mum.

At her baby shower, she will be showing off her blossoming bump and allowing people to feel when her little angel kicks. But as soon as the party is over, the pregnancy fatigue will set in and she will feel exhausted and drained.

During the second and third trimesters, it becomes more hard work for the pregnant woman to carry a growing baby. She may be forced to deal with a whole host of unpleasant symptoms, including stretch marks, dizziness, bloating, gas, shortness of breath, heartburn and frequent toilet trips.

We at Mama Jewels understand how tough the physical burden of pregnancy is on women’s bodies.

That is why we have created our own line of Pregnancy Gift Hampers- which you can browse here.

We recommend our lovely Pregnancy Self Care Wellness Box (Vegan), which comes in the colours Pink, White, Green and Mocha.

This gift hamper contains a selection of relaxation essentials, to help the pregnant mum de-stress and relax. We have included a bunch of wellness products, to encourage the pregnant mum to recreate a spa session in the comfort of her home.

She will experience peace and bliss as she unwinds for the evening with our favourite lavender-based picks, including a self-heating eye mask, massage oil and essential oil candle. Her lips will feel soft and hydrated with the avocado and hemp natural lip butter. Our exclusive Mama Journal will also encourage mindfulness, as she can jot down her thoughts and clear her mind.

This beautiful pregnancy gift hamper comes wrapped up in a beautiful ribbon-wrapped box, with a personalised gift card that can be posted directly to mummy-to-be!

Shop our Pregnancy Self Care Wellness Boxes (Vegan) here.

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Gift Hampers for New Mums

What could be a better baby shower gift, than a care package for the pregnant mum to use during her postpartum and recovery period?

Giving birth has knock-on effects on both the body and the mind. She will be feeling fatigued, sleep-deprived, emotional, sore, and in discomfort or pain. Her life is now consumed with providing round-the-clock care for a newborn, so she may not even have 10 minutes to enjoy a cup of tea.

So, we recommend shopping from the Mama Jewels vegan skincare collection, which we have designed to ease the physical toll of pregnancy and birth.

Our vegan skincare range is natural, 100% vegan and cruelty-free, and suitable for the whole family, including the little ones!

Our Baby and Bump Balm and Natural Massage Oil both contain vegan ingredients for the purpose of improving general skin health. The natural ingredients are totally pregnancy-safe, and they are gentle enough for use on the baby’s tender skin!

What’s more, our Natural Hemp and Avocado Vegan Lip Butter and Vegan Matcha Green Tea Rejuvenating Face Mask feel luxurious on the skin. They have amazing hydrating properties, which will bring the utmost relaxation sensation to the tired postpartum mum.

Another popular vegan skincare item is our Vegan Unisex Hand and Body Salve. This superhero salve rescues dry, flaky hands, and also works wonders for children and adults with eczema, psoriasis or dry patches in the elbows and knees. It contains calendula, a natural herb which is renowned for its anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties.

What are you waiting for?

Shop our vegan skincare brand on our website here, for cute baby shower gift ideas that any pregnant mama will massively appreciate!

Click here to browse all the other ‘Mum & Baby’ Hampers we offer.

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Gift Hampers for Babies

A baby shower isn’t complete without presents for the new little angel, who is yet to make his or her appearance into the world!

Whether you are looking to buy a baby gift hamper with goodies inside, that are fully wrapped and ready, or you want to browse individual baby gifts- we at Mama Jewels have got you covered.

‘Just for Baby’ Gift Boxes

Our ‘Just for Baby’ Gift Boxes are a delightful selection of treats, which are suitable for babies from birth.

The reusable eco box contains a cute bunny rabbit, a 100% cotton baby bib and a jar of organic shea butter baby and bump balm. These gift boxes are all organic, natural, and vegan-friendly.

The gift is beautifully packed in eco-crinkle, then completed with coordinating polka dot ribbon, with a personalised gift card of your choice and your message. You can choose whether the baby bib is blue, green, grey, monochrome, leopard, pink, or white.

If the baby shower is being held in the festive period, there are also Christmas versions of this ‘Just for Baby’ Gift Box available in red stars and monochrome.

Alternatively, you can opt for our Eco-Friendly Baby Gift box, which also contains Willsow plantable children’s storybook printed on paper containing real vegetable seeds. So the expectant parents and their child can read the story and then grow their own lettuce together!

Click here to view our ‘Just for Baby’ Gift Boxes– these are sure to be a hit at any baby shower!

New baby giftbox

Personalised Gifts for Baby

Are you looking for a unique present to take to a baby shower?

Then, look no further than our ‘Personalised Gifts for Baby’ collection.

At Mama Jewels, we have developed a stunning range of teething toys and teething jewellery, to help soothe little ones during their important milestone of teething.

Our teething gifts will ease the baby’s swollen and inflamed gums and help babies self-soothe.

If you know the gender of the baby before you attend the baby shower:

For a bouncing baby boy, choose our Baby Boy Personalised Gift Box (Blue).

For a precious baby girl, choose our Baby Girl Personalised Gift Box (Pink).

If you don’t know the gender of the baby and you need a gender-neutral gift, then opt for our Baby Knitted Mammoth and Personalised Teething Toy Gift Box Set.

Shopping for a baby shower has never been so simple!

Click here to view our Personalised Gifts for Baby.

Baby boy giftbox

Create your own Hamper

You can also curate your own bespoke gift hamper for newborns and mums, and choose the gifts that you would like to put in the hamper.

You are the best person to decide what goes into a curated hamper, so you can fill it with the essentials that you know your pregnant friend, relative or spouse will love!

Our custom hamper boxes are available in small, large and extra-large sizes, and can hold up to 11 gifts.

What do you buy for a baby shower gift for the whole family?

Looking to find a treat box filled with goodies that the pregnant mum and her new baby can use?

Then, shop our selection of Mum & Baby Gift Hampers.

Are you worried about attending a baby shower and showing up with no presents for the expectant dad? Then, view our ‘Gifts for New Dads’ collection here.

What if you want to surprise an aunt, grandparent, or uncle? They will love one of our Liberty of London Personalised Bracelets– it makes for a sweet token of love and appreciation!

What gifts should I NOT give at a baby shower?

The best baby shower gifts are safe and suitable for a baby to use from birth onward.

Here are a few pointers on the kinds of gifts you should avoid giving at a baby shower:

  • When buying baby toys, remember to check the age it is suitable for. A toy that is suitable for a 3-year-old may be a choking hazard for a newborn.
  • When buying baby clothes, remember that children grow out of them much quicker than you realise. Size up the clothes so that the baby can get more use out of them.
  • If you are gifting a second-hand baby item (e.g. a car seat), then check that this is still functioning properly, as used items may be unsafe for a baby.
  • Avoid gifting a newborn baby a thick blanket. Children under 12 months should not be sleeping under a heavy-duty blanket, because it puts them at risk of accidental suffocation.
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We hope you now have the answer to the question ‘what do you buy for a baby shower gift?’

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