Celebrating the arrival of a new baby is a lovely way to honour the love that everyone has for them. With a beautiful baby (or babies!) taking centre stage, it can be easy for new parents to feel left out of the attention-giving proceedings. Whilst they will want all eyes on their bundle of joy, at Mama Jewels, we think it’s important to praise what an incredible job they are doing as well. 

Between now and 2030, the UK population is set to increase by 2.1 million people. That means lots of babies will be making their grand entrances in the coming years.

With 82% of parents struggling with burnout at times, choosing a gift to show that you care is a brilliant idea. Continue reading to find out what new parents would love to receive.

New Parent Gift Ideas

From personalised baby clothing to vegan skincare that the entire family can use, we have something for every gift-buying occasion. Below is a list of top treats you can give new mums and dads to celebrate the love you have for them and their new little one.

1.   Baby Gift Hampers

Choosing an all-encompassing gift selection is a great way to give something unique that new parents likely would not have already received. New parents will be given multiple basics, so something different will go down a treat.

Our collection of baby gift hampers includes a range of special products, including bibs, natural skincare, teething toys, and soft toys to help new parents during the first few months of their babies’ life. Along with a card you can personalise with a heartfelt message, the boxes are brilliant as they offer the perfect balance of keepsakes and usable items that new parents will appreciate.

Baby hampers are also a great option as many people wonder how to fill a baby gift basket. With the brilliant ready-made options available, you can easily select something within your budget that has all the essentials in no time!

2.   Family-Friendly Vegan Skincare Products

26% of parents spend their time investigating which skincare products to use for new babies. Ensuring that young ones are given the best start with products promoting healthy development is essential.

This is why giving the gift of natural products is a great option. Not only can they be used by mum and dad, but they also take the worry away when selecting suitable solutions. When new parents are tired and stretched to their max, the last thing they want is to be reading the small print. Gifting them items that can be grabbed quickly and used without concern is a great idea.

Some of our top products include our baby and bump moisturiser, natural hemp and avocado lip butter, organic lavender soap, and the Calendula body salve, to name just a few.

3.    Children’s Books

Most people don’t consider buying books for babies but instead when they turn into toddlers. The reality is that young ones are taking everything in from day one, so books make a brilliant gift.

By six months old, babies will start to understand words and phrases. If parents start reading to them before this age, it gives the children more opportunities to develop early on.

4.    Baby Muslin Swaddles

Something that a new parent can never have too many of are Muslin swaddle cloths. These versatile items can be used for wrapping babies, covering them from the sun, using them as a blanket, or even as a wipe cloth, amongst many other uses.

 Made from breathable cotton and easy to wash, gifting a muslin cloth means that new parents will hopefully always have clean items to hand, which isn’t always easy when a new baby is creating lots of washing! They can also be used by both mum and dad, making them a brilliant gift idea.

5.   New Dad Gift Hampers

1 in 3 fathers feel concerned about their mental health. Sometimes, dads can get left in the shadows when mum and baby are being smothered with attention.

Choosing a gift designed just for them shows that you care and understand the struggles they may also be facing. Our new dad survival packs include everything from sweet treats to hand salves to encourage them to spend some time looking after themselves.

6.   New Mum Gift Hampers

While being a new mum is amazing, it is also difficult as these amazing women are also contending with postnatal health conditions alongside delivering love and support to their new baby.

A new mum hamper shows that it is not all about the new bundle of joy and confirms that mums should spend time looking after themselves also. Including everything from bath products to tea bags, our boxes encourage some rest and recuperation for new mums.

7.    New Baby Mementos

The first year of a baby’s life can fly past quickly.

For this reason, we recommend giving gifts that can be used as reminders of this special time. We recommend special items such as soft toys, nursery art, and personalised jewellery.

Why Are New Parent Gifts Important?

Make Them Feel Special

48% of new parents feel they lack support. By giving a gift to mum, dad as well as a baby; you are giving them a physical reminder that you are there for them.

Taking the time to choose something mum and dad will use reminds them that they are still people aside from their new important titles. This helps promote vital mental and physical well-being.

Help Spread the Cost

The average cost of raising a child is £938 a month. New parents will therefore feel a financial strain which you can help alleviate by buying some of their essentials as a gift.

New parents are also more likely to forget about themselves when they have a financial responsibility to spend on their new baby. Giving them gifts is a way of reminding them that they are important and ensuring products are available which benefit their self-care.

Share Suitable Product Ideas

Having a new baby is difficult sometimes, with knowing what to buy is one of the top questions.

By considering what not to buy for a new born, toddler or even young child, you can alleviate some of that pressure from parents. Additionally, gifting items outside the norm will give them ideas for brands and things that are great to include as part of a new parent routine that they otherwise might not have considered.

How to Choose a Gift for New Parents?

The ideas that we have included should give you lots of food for thought when it comes to selecting the perfect gift for a new mum or dad. You should also follow the below idea generators to help you choose something which is perfect for the family in question:

  • Do you want to buy a gender-specific item? You can find out what to put in a baby girl hamper or view our baby boy gifts if you think they would prefer something that celebrates their child’s sex.
  • Are you buying gifts for now? If you want your present to be suitable for now, you can check out what gifts are ideal for new-borns here. Alternatively, you may want to select something that can be used in a few months, as chances are most people will be buying things for immediate use.
  • Is your gift ideal for a seasonal event or every day? You can choose a baby gift for Christmas or Easter, particular weather or something ideal all year long.
  • What interests do the new parents have? When selecting a gift, it doesn’t have to be 100% baby related. Selecting something that celebrates their new role as a parent but still what makes them unique is important to consider.

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