What Do You Get a Pregnant Woman for Christmas?

Do people give presents for pregnancy?

Getting someone a present while they are pregnant for their pregnancy is absolutely something people do.

No need to wait for a gender reveal party or a baby shower, get your pregnant friend a present whenever you like.

Just found out your friend or family member is pregnant? Get them a gift to show them that they have your love and support throughout their pregnancy.

presents for pregnancy

What is the best Christmas gift for a pregnant woman?

There are so many options when it comes to getting a gift for a pregnant person. There are also a couple of things you should avoid.

Heavy pillows, blankets or duvets are actually dangerous for newborn babies. If they are put in a cot with any of these items they will be at risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

You should also be careful that any second-hand gifts are completely clean and have been stored properly. Dust and mould can be extremely harmful to all of us but especially newborn babies.

One wonderful gift idea that we recommend is hampers.


A hamper is a variety of different gifts, in this case, they would be specially catered to pregnancies and newborns.

There are all sorts of different items you could put in a hamper such as clothes, toys, bibs and for mum-to-be some skincare. There are so many options.

Should you get a hamper filled with things for the newborn baby? Should it only contain items for the pregnant person? Should it have both?

There is a lot to consider. You should make sure you understand certain things about the people you are gift-giving to before you pick out a hamper. Some parents, for example, will not want their baby to use a dummy and therefore this would not be a great gift to include for them.

What is the best Christmas gift for a pregnant woman?

Do you know the gender? If you know the gender this could help you to navigate your present buying. Again though, you should be careful as some [parents might prefer to wait to find out or might have chosen to raise their child in a more gender-neutral environment.

You should be careful of skincare products as they could contain harmful chemicals that could be bad for babies and mums. In this event, it is easiest to go vegan. This way you will know that there will not be any toxic man-made chemicals incorporated into the product.

Best gift for the mum to be

Luxury Pamper at Home Spa Box for Pregnancy and New Mums

Mama Journal – exclusive Mama Jewels design

Matcha green Face mask – 45g dry weight

Montezuma’s vegan chocolate – 2 x 50g bars

Lavender aromatherapy bath and massage oil – 100ml

Lavender heart mini bath bombs – x2

Lavender soy candle tin. – 100g

Vegan baby and bump all over body balm – 100g

Baby and bump sleepy lavender bath soap – 100g

vegan avocado lip butter – 15ml

Gift box – 23cm x 23cm x 8cm

Personalised message and choice of gift card.

All wrapped in a gift box with eco crinkle, ribbon and paper flower in the accent of your chosen colour

The perfect luxury Spa box for a pregnant or new mummy to help them relax and share with baby as all ingredients are suitable for both pregnancy and newborn babies.

Best gift for mum and baby.

New Mum & Baby Gift Basket, Newborn Baby Hamper

What a lovely way to treat both Mum and baby. Really beautiful and practical gifts to pamper both mum and baby. Everything in this gift box is eco-friendly and vegan-friendly.

Each box includes a paper peony in your chosen colour which coordinates with the lip butter. Go for the colour Mummy-to-be would love most, or maybe if you know the gender of the unborn baby you could choose the colour most suitable.

All wrapped up in a beautiful coordinating ribbon-wrapped box, with a personalised gift card that can be posted directly to mummy-to-be or new mummy!

The gift box contains:

For Baby

Gorgeous retro cord fabric authentic Miffy bunny – 23cm – suitable from birth

Cotton baby bib

Pineapple teething toy for baby

Lavender Organic Baby soap – 100g bar

Organic shea butter Baby and bump balm – 100ml jar

Reusable memory box – 30cm x 23cm x12cm

For Mum

Matcha green Face mask – 45g (dry weight) jar

Lavender Bump and baby massage oil – 100ml bottle

Lavender heart bath bombs – 2 bath bombs

Hemp and avocado lip butter – 15g jar

Gift card with a personalised message

Mama Jewel’s silicone and beechwood teething necklace – adjustable size

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Best gift for mum and baby.

How do you help a pregnant person?

Another gift idea for the pregnant person in your life is to offer your help.

Being pregnant is very difficult and depending on how your pregnancy has been or how far along you are there may be some things that you need a lot of help with.

This is a gift that costs nothing but your time. You can ask what it is that you could do to help or take some initiative and try some of our tips to help out. It can be hard to know what pregnant people need the most.

  1. Reassure them with kind, loving words. They may feel nervous about giving birth, or self-conscious about their body, so you should make them feel special and loved.
  2. Surprise them with a thoughtful gift, such as a pregnancy gift hamper.
  3. Listen to what they have to say. Don’t offer unsolicited advice!
  4. Be mindful of mood swings and irritability, which are due to changes in hormone levels.
  5. Be there to support her at doctor’s appointments, or if they experience pregnancy-related ailments such as morning sickness.
  6. Make sure they take the time to rest, relax and sleep well.
  7. Volunteer to babysit older children, to give them a quick break from parental duties. Let them enjoy some well-deserved alone time!
  8. Read up and conduct research on pregnancy and childbirth, so you feel informed and educated about what she is going through.
  9. Offer to do errands for them, you could walk the dog, do laundry, or pick up her favourite takeaway.
  10. Help them to stay hydrated and eat healthy foods. They should avoid foods that are not safe for pregnancy, Healthy food can be more effort to make sometimes though. You can help here by helping to find easy recipes that are good for pregnancy and maybe even making some for them.
  11. Encourage them to do some gentle exercise. You can accompany them on walks, or whatever they want to do, so they don’t feel alone in the experience.
  12. Keep them away from things that could be harmful to their health, or to their unborn child. For example, empty the cat’s litter tray for them. This can transfer a parasitic infection called Toxoplasmosis, which can cause miscarriage or serious complications.
  13. Try not to make massive decisions without them. This could cause extra stress that they do not need. Check in with them first.
  14. Find ways to reduce their stress. Encourage them to read, do some meditation/yoga, or watch their favourite TV series.

Of course, some of these are better suited to different people depending on their relationship with the person. Above all ask and listen if you are not sure how to help.

How do you help a pregnant person?

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