What Do You Get Someone for Their First Baby?

More than 620,000 beautiful babies made their entrance to the UK in 2022. Whilst each new arrival is an occasion for celebration and joy, the moment is even more special for parents welcoming their first child.

Although the grand entrance of a first baby is incredibly exciting, most new parents feel anxious about the great responsibility that is now upon them. While it is down to the doting parental figures to look after the new baby, unexpected challenges will surely arise; some things can be done to prepare.

For friends and family, a brilliant way to show support is by gifting all the essentials a new parent needs for their first baby to take that extra duty off their plate. What do you get someone who is expecting their first baby? As passionate parents and gifting experts, the Mama Jewels team are here to shed some light on this commonly searched-for question.

We have broken all the baby-essentials down into three categories to make it easier for you to select the perfect gift. Continue reading to learn more!

Useful Gifts for a First Baby

Useful Gifts for a First Baby

An obvious choice is to select essentials, as first-time parents must start from scratch. Babies are estimated to cost parents £7200 in their first year, which we can all agree is a lot of money. Although every penny is worth it, that doesn’t mean that the prospect of purchasing all essentials is not overwhelming.

Some of the top useful gifts that you can buy a first-time parent are as follows:

  • Baby feeding supplies such as bottles and breastfeeding accessories depend on the new parents’ preferred method. Bibs and Muslin cloths are also essential.
  • Travel equipment such as car seats, prams, and harnesses.
  • Teething products and interactive toys will keep a new baby engaged and provide a new parent with valuable quiet time. Soft toys are also a perfect option as they can be kept as a long-lasting memento even after the child has outgrown them. These accessories are also crucial for physical and mental development so they will come in handy during the first few months.
  • Baby monitors and sleeping accessories.
  • Gift cards are another great option as they allow a new parent to pick up the items they require when needed. We recommend vouchers for baby stores and restaurants and takeaway options as a new parent is sure to be short of time.

There are several ways that you can go about gifting important baby items.

The easiest way to select a baby gift box which eliminates the need to worry about how to fill a baby basket. Curated to provide first-time parents with all of the essentials that they could need, these gifts offer a simple way to gather all the basics in a way that is presented beautifully.

Our baby bundles have been lovingly created by our team, who have worked hard to understand what you need to include in a baby bundle. Offering the perfect balance of usability with keepsake accessories, any first-time parent will be extremely happy to receive a baby hamper.

If you have a more precise list of items from the new parent, you can create your bundles. We always recommend including some treat items, such as chocolates or face masks, to remind new parents that they must make time for themselves.

Personalised Gifts for a First Baby

Personalised Gifts for a First Baby

Another option for gifting to a first-time parent is a personalised baby item that celebrates this incredible milestone. The first year of a baby’s life fly’s past, but this is even more apt for new parents who are constantly adjusting to what life as a guardian entails.

Personalised gifts and bespoke items allow first-time parents to reflect on their successes in future years. They also reiterate how much you care about the long hours they are putting in as a personalised gift shows adoration for the newest family member.

Anything from a monogrammed baby onesie to an embroidered soft toy is a brilliant option. You can also include personalised items as part of a bigger gift, especially if you are trying to decide what to put in a baby hamper.

Also, imagine how cute the photos would look of the adorable baby next to their personalised item or even wearing it! That a moment that can be captured and lasts a lifetime.

Gifts Perfect for New Mums

Gifts Perfect for New Mums

When considering what a first-time mum needs, you should reflect on her own requirements and not just her baby.

A new mother is susceptible to struggling with the baby blues and the physical side effects of giving birth. All this needs to be managed whilst providing care to the new arrival. Therefore, we recommend selecting some of the following gifts for a first-time mum to make her journey into parenthood as smooth as possible.

  • Sleeping accessories such as new nightwear, bedding, and beauty products are a lovely idea.

 59% of parents say that their child under one only sleeps for 4 hours at any time. Whilst you cannot eliminate sleep interruptions, you can help a first-time mum get some quality pockets of sleep with these thoughtful gifts.

Some of our perfect gifts for improving sleep are our relaxing lavender soap and calming candles, which feature in our new mum gift hampers.

New mums often deal with sensitive, dry skin during pregnancy and after birth. It is also important to only use products that are safe for babies. A new mum will likely not make time for herself, but gifting these pamper items will encourage her too. They also help a first-time mum to recover faster.

Another option is to select a spa wellness hamper which has everything needed for some at-home chill time in one place.

  • Sentimental jewellery is a lovely gift for a first-time mum as it will make her feel special and loved. We love the idea of personalised jewellery, like our monogram bracelets, as it allows you to select something that represents both the new mother and her child.

How Do You Choose the Perfect Gift for a First-Time Parent?

How Do You Choose the Perfect Gift for a First-Time Parent?

Find Out What the Parents Have

The last thing that a first-time parent wants is to be overwhelmed with items. It is best to ask what they need and make suggestions based on this list.

You will then be able to select something perfect that makes a real difference to the tentative first few months of life as a parent.

Our blog about what you should buy first when expecting a baby has many brilliant ideas!

Think Outside of the Box      

No matter how many baby books or blogs a first-time parent read, there will always be a baby essential that slips through the net when buying everything.

By thinking outside the box, you can ensure that you are giving a gift that will come in handy when a new parent least expects it. This doesn’t even have to be baby related.

It could be a coffee subscription, new black-out blinds, or credit for baby-suitable audiobooks.   

Consider the Budget You Have to Spend

There are lots of options for gifts on the market at many different price points. We recommend that once you know what you want to purchase, choose your budget, and make your decision based on that.

Our new baby gift hampers and new mum presents range from £10.95 upwards to ensure something is available for every need.

When deciding what to get a first-time parent, if you cover something that is useful, personalised, and items for new parents themselves, you cannot go wrong. Explore our full collection here.

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