So your friend or family member has a new baby, and you rightly want to spoil them! A baby bundle gift box is a perfect way to spread love to the new addition, and they’re a stunning gift to give too.

But what do you put in a baby bundle? Here is a list of recommended items:

  • cuddle toy
  • teething toy
  • dribble bib
  • Swaddle
  • baby balms and soaps
  • storybook

Combined with a little personalisation, decorative bits and pieces and maybe even something for the new mummy and daddy, you’ve got a beautiful gift.

Making a baby bundle up yourself is a lovely way to say I love you to a new baby, but this can be costly and time-consuming. Purchasing a pre-made baby bundle means you will get excellent quality products and expertise in packing and decorating so your gift looks professionally made.

Cuddle Toy

A cuddle toy is a cute idea for a baby bundle as they offer comfort to a baby. How lovely to give the new bundle of joy a gift that could quickly become their favourite cuddle toy and stay with them for a lifetime.

Ensure the cuddle toy you choose is newborn-safe. Mama Jewels have knitted and crocheted cuddle toys, all suitable from birth, made using natural, unharmful components that the baby can play with safely.

Each of Mama Jewel’s crocheted and knitted toys is CE-compliant and makes the best newborn toy that will last years. This adorable range of soft toys includes bunnies, mammoths and dinosaurs.

Choose a toy or bundle for a boy in bouncing baby blue or a pretty pink bundle for a girl. Alternatively, there are premade neutral baby bundle gift boxes available too.

Teething Toy

A teething toy helps to soothe the pain of new teeth penetrating a baby’s tender gums. Teething babies are urged to put pressure on their gums when a tooth is emerging, and it can be tempting to sink their teeth into anything and everything. Teething toys have many benefits and allows babies to relieve pain safely.

Mama Jewel’s teething toys are made in adorable bunny shapes and a range of inviting colours. These delightful teething toys are made using 100% food-grade silicone CE tested and approved, and they come in a classy eco-friendly gift box with instructions. They are suitable from birth, washable, and can be sterilised too.

Dribble Bib

Dribble bibs are worn around a baby’s neck to protect their clothes from becoming soaked from dribble. These bibs are perfect for bottle feeding or breastfeeding to catch spilt milk.

Mama Jewel has an exceptional range of dribble bits with gorgeous designs, from Christmas-themed star prints to mustard swirls. These dribble bandana bibs are ultra-absorbent and wonderfully soft against the baby’s delicate skin. The light fabric is less bulky than traditional bibs, making them great for newborns or small babies.


A swaddle is a light blanket that wraps the baby to resemble its position in the womb. When done correctly, swaddling can be great for calming a baby and can promote sleep. Choose a light, stretchable, safe swaddle with a beautiful design.

Mama Jewel’s range of swaddles is stunning and practical, too, as they double up as a breastfeeding cover. They offer an all-in-one solution for wrapping a beautiful baby for sleep, breastfeeding or wiping up little spillages after feeding and winding.

When choosing a swaddle for a baby, be sure to choose a lightweight material like a muslin cloth, a light blanket or a thin sheet that is square shaped.

Baby Balms and Soaps

When choosing baby balms and soaps, it is essential to ensure the products include safe ingredients for the baby’s delicate and sensitive skin. Baby balms and baths soaps are the perfect gifts to ensure the new addition loves their bath time even more.

Mama Jewel’s baby balms are made with creamy, luxurious shea butter and are 100% natural. These balms double us as bump balms, too, during pregnancy, for itchy skin. They can also be used on both baby and mummy for skin conditions such as eczema, dry skin patches and soreness.


There is no better gift than a storybook for a baby. Buying them a book introduces them to the magical world of storytelling and sets them up as readers for life. In addition, a book gives the gift of particular bonding time between adults and babies and reading a story to a baby has many benefits.

The eco-friendly baby gift box from Mama Jewels includes something extra special. It contains a Willslow plantable children’s storybook with real vegetable seeds, so you can have lots of fun reading the story and growing your lettuce together. How adorable!


Just because you’ve bought a premade gift bundle doesn’t mean it can’t be made personal. Choose a beautiful gift box that contains a personalised gift card so you can leave a personal message for the new addition. Add the baby’s name or buy a gift box in their favourite colour.

Mama Jewels even personalised the teething toys with the baby’s name and date of birth, making them a lovely personalised addition to a baby bundle.


Nothing says luxury like beautifully present gifts inside a decorated box of perfectly placed tissue paper and flowers. A gift bundle for a baby wouldn’t be complete without the decorative aspect. Tie it up in a lovely little ribbon, and you have a gorgeously presented baby bundle.

Gifts for Mummy

Don’t forget about the new mummy when putting together a baby bundle. The mummy will likely be tired and overwhelmed with motherhood, and a little gift added to their bundle can give them the pick-me-up they need.

Try putting together or buying a premade mummy and baby gift hamper, including pamper products like face masks, massage oils, bath bombs, lip butter and something extra special like a necklace to make mummy feel herself again.

Gifts for Daddy

Daddys often get overlooked in the gift department with a newborn comes along, and they’re exhausted and overwhelmed too. Try putting together or buying premade new daddy gift box to put a smile on his face too.

A great idea is to create a dad’s survival kit! You could include luxuries such as popcorn, chocolate and coffee for the ultimate chill night, and ‘awesome dad’ accessories and hand soaps after all those nappy changes.

To conclude

A baby bundle is a perfect gift for a newborn baby, and it is easy to include stunning and practical items. Creating your own is a lovely way to put love into the gift, but it can be costly and time-consuming. Buying a professionally put-together hamper ensures good quality and is beautifully packed for the wow factor.

In a baby bundle, include things like a cuddle toy, a teething toy, a dribble bib, a swaddle, baby balms and soaps, and a storybook; add a little personalisation to make it extra special and add a luxurious touch with beautiful packaging and wrapping. Mama Jewels have the perfect baby bundle hampers to suit your every need for boys and girls and in neutral designs too.

Don’t forget to indulge the new mummy and daddy, too, as a small gift could be just the thing they need to remind them that they’re doing a great job. Include things like fancy soaps and bath bombs for mummy and chocolate and snacky treats for daddy. Mama Jewels have gift sets to suit mums and dads for every occasion.

About Mama Jewels

Mama Jewels stocks gifts and gift boxes that are vegan, eco-conscious and all-natural, designed to bring joy to those you love. The gift hampers are beautiful and cater for various occasions, including Mother’s and Father’s Day, baby showers, new baby gifts and much more.