What Gift Can I Buy for a Pregnant Woman?

Whether it’s a birthday gift or a ‘thinking of you’ present, it can be a little bit baffling working out what gift you can buy for a pregnant woman in your life. As a rule of thumb, it’s important to remember that the most thoughtful presents are functional, cute, and comforting. Anything that soothes aches and pains or makes them feel pampered is always a good choice.

It goes without saying that you can absolutely Give Gifts For Pregnancy, in fact, it’s a lovely way to show love, support and appreciation for your pregnant friend or loved one; after all, we know once that little bundle is born, life is going to change an awful lot and moments of relaxation might be few and far between for a bit!

In this blog post, we’ve curated a list of gifts that would be perfect for the pregnant woman in your life, whether you want to spoil them rotten or send them a little something to let them know you’re thinking of them and their soon-to-be new arrival.

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Pregnancy Care Packages

Pregnancy is incredible, but there are just some days when quite frankly you just feel bleurgh! Maybe you’re going through it now, or you remember what it’s like for your friend who is pregnant: Puffy feet, aching back, dry itchy skin, facial breakouts, lack of sleep, itching tummy, dry lips and swollen hands.

Here at Mama Jewels, we’ve perfected this beautiful box of Mama-to-be / new mummy goodies, with all-natural, 100% paraben-free, vegan-friendly, eco-friendly products to pamper yourself before your baby arrives.

Romantic bath

Containing a gorgeous array of luxurious beauty and self-care products, these hampers have been curated to help prepare for parenthood (and relax until the due date!).  We ensure that all of our products are eco-conscious and sourced from independent businesses like us! Take a look at the range below!

All of these incredible products are wrapped in a gift box with eco crinkle, ribbon and paper flower in the accent of your chosen colour.

Luxury Pamper at Home Spa Box for Pregnancy and New Mums | Navy Blue

Luxury Pamper at Home Spa Box for Pregnancy and New Mums | Navy Blue

Available in a beautiful range of colours, Mama Jewel’s Luxury Spa box for a pregnant or new mummy has been created to help with relaxation during pregnancy and to be shared with the baby after they have arrived! All ingredients are suitable for both pregnancy and newborn babies.

Our Luxury Spa Box comes with:

  • Mama Journal – exclusive Mama Jewels design
  • Matcha green Face mask – 45g dry weight
  • Montezuma’s vegan chocolate – 2 x 50g bars
  • Lavender aromatherapy bath and massage oil – 100ml
  • Lavender heart mini bath bombs – x2
  • Lavender soy candle tin. – 100g
  • Vegan baby and bump all over body balm – 100g
  • Baby and bump sleepy lavender bath soap – 100g
  • Vegan avocado lip butter – 15ml
  • Gift box – 23cm x 23cm x 8cm
  • Personalised message and choice of gift card.

Mum to be pamper hamper gift box | large | Green

Mum to be pamper hamper gift box | large | Green

Relaxation is key at any stage of pregnancy, and this box provides it! From face masks to bath bombs, this lovely eco-friendly gift box contains:

  • Bump and baby shea butter balm for dry itchy skin and great for baby too. 100g jar
  • Matcha green face mask for soothing facial breakouts. 45g (dry ingredients)
  • Lavender bump and bath oil, for helping with lack of sleep and for an aching back. 100ml bottle
  • Lavender sleepy soap for bathing and to aid sleep. 100g bar
  • Natural hemp and avocado lip butter for dry lips which is great in labour. 15ml jar
  • Lavender heart bath bombs to help you relax in the bath. 2 bath bombs

Pregnancy Self-care wellness box | vegan | Mocha

Pregnancy Self-care wellness box | vegan | Mocha

Your Pregnancy Self-care wellness box | vegan | Mocha contains:

  • Lavender self-heating eye mask
  • Exclusive to Mama Jewels ‘Mama Journal’ A6, 48-page recycled paper notebook, with cute, dotted paper design inside
  • Avocado and hemp natural lip butter 15ml
  • Lavender and Marjoram massage oil 100ml
  • Lavender essential oil candle in a tin. 100g
  • Personal message on gift card
  • Gift box

This beautiful box of home spa pampering is 100% natural, 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

Letterbox gift spa night in a box | vegan | mum to be pamper

Letterbox gift spa night in a box | vegan | mum to be pamper

We’ve designed this box for everyone that needs a night in, to chill. It’s a gorgeous postal box of loveliness that any friend, work colleague or family member would love! The Mama Jewels Spa Night in a Box contains:

  • Lavender sensory eye mask with guided meditation music download
  • Lavender & Bergamot oil body butter bar
  • Montezuma’s organic vegan chocolate bars
  • Lavender oil aromatherapy bath bombs
  • Lavender aromatherapy natural soy candle tea light
  • Pukka organic night-time tea bags
  • Personal message on gift card
  • Gift box and wrap.

Create Your Own Gift Box

If you’re the sort of person that likes to mix and match, why not create your own bespoke gift box for your pregnant friend?

gift boxes

Once you’ve chosen your box type, accent colour and gift card, you’re free to add as much or as little as you want to this wonderful hamper! You can select from a huge variety of:

  • Pampering goodies
  • Food and drink
  • Stationery and books
  • Jewellery and keyrings
  • Baby clothes and swaddles
  • Knitted fabric toys

Adding a personal touch is always important and shows that thought has gone into your gesture, it’s always lovely to receive a keepsake and a reminder of the time when you were pregnant.

The Gift of Friendship

pregnant woman and friend

Don’t forget, one of the best gifts you can give alongside an actual present, is the gift of your friendship; pop over for a decaf cup of tea, talk about topics or go on outings that have nothing to do with pregnancy or babies, offer practical support – even before the baby is born, make them laugh, remind them that they are loved.

Having a strong support network throughout pregnancy is paramount, just because your friend or loved one is pregnant, doesn’t change who they are.

Check out this article about 10 Pregnant Friend Do’s and Don’ts for an idea of the sort of things to do and try and avoid and have a look at this 11 Thoughtful Things To Do For Your Pregnant Friend for some more inspiration.

Vegan and Pregnancy Safe Skincare

Everything inside our gift boxes is suitable for pregnancy and new mums as it contains products that have pregnancy-safe essential oils! Here at Mama Jewels, we ensure that all our skincare contains no chemicals, no preservatives, no artificial perfumes, and no colourants – just 100% natural.

Other Pregnancy Gift Ideas:

We have a large array of other pregnancy gifts which can help show you care:

Vegan baby and bump natural serum for mum and baby

Vegan baby and bump natural serum for mum and baby

Specially formulated for babies to provide moisture and nourishment to skin in need of TLC. Even the most sensitive little skin will be soothed! Perfect for bumps, scratches, dry patches and everything in between, this healing balm will help. Our Baby and bump balm contains Shea Butter and Almond Oil for extra skin protection!

Silver Pregnancy Bola pendant – Skye

Silver Pregnancy Bola pendant – Skye

Wear the bola pendant next to your bump and from around 20 weeks old your baby will be able to hear the bola’s gentle chime. As time goes by the chime will become familiar to your baby and may comfort, reassure and relax them in the womb. This understanding stays with the baby and once they are born the bola’s chime can again be used to gently settle and soothe.

Monochrome bamboo organic cotton Swaddle wrap breastfeeding cover

Monochrome bamboo organic cotton Swaddle wrap breastfeeding cover

A beautiful, all-in-one solution for wrapping your baby to sleep, providing a cover-up for breastfeeding and for cleaning up after feeding and winding.

Beautiful bamboo / organic cotton muslin swaddle wrap which also makes a great breastfeeding cover

About Mama Jewels

Mama Jewels is an independent gift box company, selling planet-friendly artisan gifts, to help make the transition to motherhood easier and more comfortable for pregnant mums and new mums.

All of our products are pregnancy-safe, vegan-friendly, and sustainably sourced. Though our products are made lovingly in England, we do ship worldwide.

When you choose any of our products, you can rest assured that we are confident and supported in what we provide. Other benefits of shopping from our brand include:

  • All products have been extensively researched and professionally created to provide ultimate support for pregnant ladies and their babies. There is no need to spend ages looking into the suitability of products as we have done the hard work for you.
  • Our products are natural and environmentally friendly.

Click here to browse our gift hampers, spa wellness boxes, letterbox gifts, and vegan skincare collection, or create your own gift hamper here.

Read more articles about pregnancy, parenthood and gifts for new mums and mums-to-be on our blog here.

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