What’s inside pregnancy hampers?

What’s inside pregnancy hampers?

Inside pregnancy hampers, you should be able to find relaxation products such as candles, aromatherapy oils, pregnancy-safe body products, and some sweet treats. Mum-to-be hampers are a great way of showing the special lady in your life that you care when she needs extra relaxation and support.

With over 600,000 births in the UK in 2021, you likely know of at least one family who has welcomed a bundle of joy into the mix recently! Whilst welcoming a gorgeous baby, of course, brings a lot of happiness, for new mums, it can be a tiring task. It is also essential that mothers-to-be remain stress-free so as not to cause any issues for the baby. In recent years, as a result of the pandemic, 47% of expectant mothers say they struggle with depression and 60% with anxiety.

It is, therefore, even more important to consider how you can make life that bit easier for pregnant ladies and new mums. What goes into a pregnant women’s hamper? Find out in our complete guide which has been designed to help you give the perfect gift.

Why is relaxation during pregnancy so important?

There are lots of benefits to expectant mothers being relaxed, which all have a direct impact on the health of not just the new mum but also her beautiful baby. At Mama Jewels, we are huge advocates of incorporating suitable products into pregnancy routines by offering a natural solution to keeping a relaxed mind.

The most significant benefits of mums-to-be staying calm are:

  •  Reduced levels of stress and anxiety.
  • Improved well-being, which makes for a stronger mother as she heads into delivery and post-delivery care.
  • Less tiredness and fatigue, making the pregnancy process more enjoyable.
  • Health benefits that are passed onto the baby, such as lower blood pressure and reduced physical tension.

By maintaining strong levels of both physical and mental health during pregnancy, women can recover quicker and deal with the new challenge of becoming a mum more positively.

What should be included within a mum-to-be self-care hamper?

When creating our pregnancy gift hampers, we like to satisfy six different points which are listed below. By offering solutions to each of these categories, we can ensure that mums are being mentally and physically looked after.

1. Selfcare Products that are safe for mum and baby.

With 1 in 3 new mums having experienced mental health issues during recent years, it is no surprise that self-care products are an essential item to include in hampers. Whether it is a bath bomb that encourages a relaxing soak, a facemask that ensures extra time is taken during evening routines, or a balm for complete body care, self-care products come in many different forms. The mental health benefits mean that both mums and babies are surrounded by their own bubble of serenity that is created using calming scents and products.

These products also have physical benefits, including relief of pains, soothing of itchy skin, reduction of the effects of hormonal irritations, and support for sleeping to alleviate pregnancy fatigue. With only 30% of Brits prioritising self-care, we are not a nation for looking after ourselves. However, during pregnancy, this is something that must change.

Our Luxury Pamper at Home Spa Box is the perfect example of how self-care can be achieved with natural products. Mum can enjoy these both whilst pregnant and after the baby arrives as everything is completely safe for use at any time. Self-care is important and can be put easily on the back burner. Telling someone to invest time in themselves is one thing but giving them the tools to do it is more likely to encourage relaxing time accommodated in busy schedules.

2. Items that create a relaxing environment.

Next to consider is how you can help create a calming environment with the gift that you are giving. It’s all well and good providing the products for self-care, but if they are not being used in a relaxing setting, then they will not have the full impact.

Candles filled with aromatherapy oils are a brilliant way of achieving this, as they not only release calming fragrances but also improve the space’s ambience. Our Relaxation Spa Box showcases how a space can be transformed using just a few special products. As well as including our signature candles, it also features soothing bath products.

By encouraging mums-to-be to start creating immersive experiences for relaxing, they will be more likely to recreate the same sessions repeatedly, resulting in improved well-being.

3. Healthy food and drinks.

With increased appetites, it is no surprise that we also think there should be some healthy food and drink items in the mix. Self-care comes in many forms, with the food we choose to eat directly impacting energy levels and overall health. Whilst there is no need to eat for two, according to the NHS, a pregnant lady’s body still needs extra nutrients to help grow a healthy baby. 

Sweet treats are also fine in moderation, which is why we include Montezuma dark chocolate in some of our hampers. As well as being tasty, dark chocolate is also full of immunity-building zinc, is excellent for supporting bone health, and can also support deeper sleep thanks to high magnesium levels. The Luxury Pamper at Home Spa Box also includes some Pukka rejuvenating tea full of vitamins. 

Any form of food or drink that is suitable for encouraging healthy balance is a must-have item to include.

4. Products that will benefit both mum and baby in the long term.

Hamper boxes are a brilliant way of not just treating mum but also a baby. With so many products on the market targeted toward expectant mums and young ones, it can be overwhelming to choose what products are right for the individual. 

Our New Mummy Pamper Hamper is the perfect example of giving a gift that has multiple uses. With various ingredients, including shea and avocado butter, that are suitable for babies, you can give a gift that works for months to come. New mums are also incredibly busy, so giving them an idea of a product that can suit them in the long term takes another task off their overflowing plate!

5. Some form of memory collection that will let mums remember every single moment of their special journey.

Finally, we think that including something that can be used to remember special moments is a lovely way to finish your hamper box gift. Memory books offer mums a chance to record every thought and feeling, which can be referred to at any time. 

Featured in our Self-Care Wellness Box is our exclusive Mama Journal. This A6 book is handy to keep close by so that every memory can be noted down. Whether you are buying a gift for the first time or a more experienced mum, the gift of time is very special. Encouraging someone to take time for themselves via a creative outlet, such as journaling, is a brilliant way to enhance well-being and boost happiness. Along the same theme, affirmation cards and photo frames are other products you can consider. 

6. Natural products that promote good sleep.

Lack of sleep is one of the main issues women deal with during pregnancy, which is why we think including lavender products and sleeping aids is essential. As we all as being perfectly safe for both mother and baby; lavender has lots of well-being enhancing properties that are a must-have for expectant mothers. Lower levels of sleep during pregnancy can negatively impact gestational growth, energy levels, discomfort and cause extra swelling in the body. 

Lots of our products, including the Letterbox Gift Set, lavender in aromatherapy oils, body lotions, bath products, and even eye masks. 

Why you need a mum-to-be hamper from Mama Jewels

As a company created by a loving mother to benefit thousands more worldwide, Mama Jewels specialises in safe and suitable products during pregnancy for new mums and babies. New Mummy Gift Hampers offer the perfect way to treat mums the way they deserve, with pampering self-care being promoted in abundance.

Choosing gifts for a mum-to-be can be complex as sometimes you will find that the products marketed towards them are not the best for them. Beauty products need to be carefully considered as some can end up being harmful. The same goes for aromatherapy oils in bath products, massage oils, and within candles, as you would be surprised just how sensitive a pregnant lady’s immune system can be.

When considering what should go inside-pregnancy hampers, it’s important that you cover all the categories we have listed above. This provides a balance of gifts that enhance relaxation and add value to the life of the recipient for many future months. Of course, cute baby grows and toys are fun to buy, but next time you are looking for a gift for that special pregnant lady in your life, why not consider the merits of a pamper hamper? We are sure the lucky recipient will be thrilled with your choice!