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What is a Breastfeeding necklace or nursing necklace?
Babies love to pinch and pull. Usually that means a nursing mother`s hair, shirt or other clothing is pulled on and twisted. This is where a Breastfeeding or nursing necklaces from Mama Jewels come into play

A nursing necklace is a necklace designed to give your baby something to safely explore while Breastfeeding. A well made, bright necklace attracts their attention and allows them to safely play while they feed. This results in a more relaxing time for both mother and baby.

Mama Jewels Breastfeeding necklace

Designed for the baby?
Yes, nursing necklaces are designed to keep baby`s attention but that doesn`t mean they can only be red, white and black, or pastel pinks and blues in zoo animal shapes! It means they`ve been tested to withstand a baby`s pulling without breaking, are non-toxic when baby sucks and chews them and they can be washed too!

Mamas can wear stylish, funky nursing necklaces made from gorgeous unbreakable materials.  You don`t need to give up your sense of style just because you`re a mama.