Teething can often be a painful and upsetting time for a child, as their body grows and develops in many different ways. Research has found that the molars, the largest teeth, can often be the most painful stage of teething, with many children and parents looking for solutions that can numb the pain of growing.

One of the most common solutions is to get a teething necklace. Many parents are opting for this piece of equipment for its durability, flexibility and general child-proofing that prevents it from becoming harmful in any conditions.

A teething necklace is a bracelet made of amber, wood, marble or silicone. They are marketed to relieve teething pain and sometimes are used to provide sensory stimulation to people with attention-deficit / hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

What Is a Teething Necklace

Studies suggest that an individual tooth will usually only cause discomfort for a few days at most, but it can take longer for some babies. As a result, many parents are edging on the side of caution and preparing for the next few years of teething with the use of a teething necklace.

In this article, we’ll help you understand everything there is to know about teething, teething necklaces and how they can help you. Keep reading to find out everything you need about what the teething stages are, what a teething necklace is and how it can make your life easier.

What Are The Teething Stages?

For many new mothers, there can be a range of unexpected events that will happen in their baby’s life that maybe you weren’t prepared for or informed about. After all, with so much to plan and prepare for, it’s only natural that some things are forgotten. One of the least recognised but most important stages of a baby’s life is the teething period.

What Is a Teething Necklace

Teething is when teeth first come through a baby’s gums. Many parents find the teething stage extremely difficult for a number of reasons, and whilst it can be a difficult time for the family filled with lots of pain and stress, with the right tools, it can be easily overcome.

It can be an especially difficult time for the baby; teething is normal but may be a painful experience for infants and toddlers. Mothers typically report symptoms of sore gums, mild temperatures, flushed cheeks, rashes, dribbling, gnawing and fretfulness when their child appears to be teething, which suggests that it can be an uncomfortable and anxious period for the baby.

However, it can also be a difficult period for the mother; studies have found that as many as one in five women develop a mental illness during pregnancy or in the first year after birth, with illnesses including depression and anxiety. It’s only natural that a mother worries for her child, but with her senses heightened and hormones running high, trying to deal with the pain their child is feeling can be especially damaging.

What Is a Teething Necklace

The teething stages start at only 5 months old when the front first incisors begin to push their way through. These will begin to appear anywhere from 5 months old to 12 months old, followed closely by the second incisors, which will appear anywhere from 9 months old to 13 months old. Gradually, the canine teeth, first molars and second molars will also begin to appear anywhere from 17 months to 33 months, at which point most teething is finished.

It’s important to remember that not every child is the same. Don’t be alarmed – teething isn’t constant from 5 to 33 months. In fact, each tooth or pair of teeth should only cause your little one pain for just over a week. In other words, for 5 days ahead of an appearance and 3 days after.

Teeth are able to come through with much less pain than expected because they do not cut through the flesh. Instead, hormones are released within the body that causes some cells in the gums to die and separate, allowing the teeth to come through. Because every child will naturally release different amounts of the hormone, it’s only natural that every stage is different for every child.

What Is a Teething Necklace

Ultimately, the teething stages are vital stages in a child’s life that are critical to their development and progression of growth. It can be hard to watch your child be uncomfortable, but in cases like this, it can benefit their future significantly and is sadly a vital evil.

What Are Teething Necklaces?

As we’ve stated, dealing with a teething baby can be difficult physically and emotionally. Luckily for you, a new and innovative piece of equipment has been designed to protect your little one and take their mind off the pain – teething necklaces.

What Is a Teething Necklace

Chewing can become a burning problem when it leads to self-injury, causes damage to items or exposes your child to potential choking. Teething necklaces aim to prevent your child from chewing anything and everything and instead get them to chew the necklace. Most necklaces are made from CE-approved, non-toxic silicone elements that are food-grade and BPA-free, strength tested, and flexible to make them safe for tiny hands.

Not only are they designed to be an attention-grabber for the hungry baby, but they’re also said to have medicinal properties that help children dealing with teething pain. When worn against the skin, such as around a neck or a wrist, amber beads are said to warm and then release a substance called succinic acid, which is then supposed to leach into the bloodstream and act as a natural pain reliever. They can be a healthy addition to a child’s life and a more lasting alternative than painkillers, ibuprofen and paracetamol.

What Is a Teething Necklace

The effects of the necklaces are said to begin working within hours – however, as each child is different, it can take up to 1-2 weeks for others. In addition, the bigger the body and the extent of the problem, the longer it can take to see a difference. However, regardless of the extent of the problem, teething necklaces are a tried and tested method of reducing agitation and pain and providing peace of mind for both child and parents.

One of the best providers of teething necklaces is Mama Jewels. If you look around everywhere children crowd together, you’ll definitely find chewed pencils, bitten nails and other chomped things. Kids are regulating their nervous systems in that manner. With teething jewellery sets from Mama Jewels, you’ll be provided with a more favourable way to calm and hold your baby’s big emotions in check. With their stunning new range of necklaces that are both inconspicuous and effective, there truly is something for everyone’s specific wants and needs.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Teething Necklace?

The biggest benefit of using a teething necklace is that it can relieve pain. Whether they do so by distracting the child from the uncomfortable feeling in their mouths, or by secreting natural painkillers into the skin once warmed, it can be a highly effective way of minimising angst and heavy emotions.

What Is a Teething Necklace

Many also choose to use teething necklaces for their subtlety as well as effectiveness. They can be worn by a mother or child, with a slim and inconspicuous design so that their true purpose may not be known by non-mothers. When worn by the child, they can be seen as a fashionable and durable accessory that visually and physically helps the child.

Furthermore, they can help to prevent unhealthy habits from developing. Having an item dedicated to chewing can stop children from exploring the world with their mouths, which can prevent them from ingesting harmful substances or chewing items that may hurt them. The biggest benefit of this is that it ultimately can limit the chances of the child choking on something they thought they should chew.

What Is a Teething Necklace

Lastly, they are highly flexible. This allows the child to move comfortably and prevents the chances of choking or strangulation. The increased durability and flexibility of other alternatives also make them a long-lasting and reliable tool for chewing, which can prevent them from breaking and becoming potentially harmful to the child in the future.

Do You Feel Confident In Knowing What Teething Necklaces Are?

Hopefully, we have given you some crucial insight into what teething necklaces are and what they can be used for. Whether you decide to purchase a teething necklace for its reliability or for its healing properties, we are confident you’ll find what you’re looking for in our innovative range of products, which you can find here.

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