What on earth is a Teething necklace?

A Teething necklace is generally a necklace which has been designed to be worn like a piece of jewellery by Mums for when their babies are going through the teething stage of development.

There are also teething necklaces which are designed for the baby to be worn as well and I will come onto these later.

The type designed for the mum to wear is made from a soft or smooth material that the baby can bite down on, chew and suck on and in some way it will give them relief from their Teething symptoms, in the same way that they would with a regular Teether. The difference with the teething necklace is that it is always around mums neck and therefore always to hand.

There are several options available and these are made from varying materials such as Wood, Food grade silicone and organic cotton yarn knitted into a form of fabric or smooth Acrylic. All of these materials can be washed although some better than others. Washing or sterilising appears to be an essential characteristic of Teething necklaces as they usually result in being covered in lots of baby drool and as teething babies are often at the under 6 month stage, things put into their mouths will need washing and sterilising.

I would recommend that the most important aspect of the Teething necklace is its compliance with BS EN 71 – The migration of certain parts which stipulates that small parts can become loose and therefore pose a choking risk to a child. Whilst we must remember that the teething neckl

Owl teething necklaceace is designed to be worn by the mother or caregiver, the risk still exists.

Other types of teething necklace include the Amber teething necklace and Hazelwood necklace which are both designed to be worn by the child and claim that they have natural properties which holistically help the child through the actual pain of teething. There is however a risk with these necklaces that small parts are dangerous for the baby to handle and as they are designed for babies under three years it is essential that a quality tested product is purchased. Most parents that I have spoken to that use them have found that they really do work and help baby come through the teething process very well.

Owl teething necklace