Calling all first-time parents! Now you know you are about to welcome a bouncing baby boy or precious little girl, the time will soon come when you have to start kitting out their house with all sorts of baby paraphernalia.

In the UK, on average, first-time parents spend around £1,645 to prepare for their new bundle of joy, with the biggest expense falling on prams or pushchairs.

Buying all the correct baby gear can be an overwhelming task, especially for first-time parents.

Not to worry, we are here to help!

But exactly what should you buy first when expecting a baby?

Keep reading to find out our recommendations, which we hope you find useful.

What should you buy first when expecting a baby?

We have compiled a list of our top 4 suggestions as to what should you buy first when expecting a baby.

Remember, there is no ‘one’ way of getting all your baby shopping done. You will have eight to nine months to plan for life with a brand-new baby, and shop around for the best products.

We recommend starting by making a list of essential items, that you need, separating them into categories. For example, you can separate these products into categories such as ‘Baby Feeding Time’, ‘Baby Bath Time’ and ‘Baby Sleep Time’.

We know this can sound like an awful lot of planning and shopping, but don’t panic. We promise you, you will get it all done, in plenty of time.

So, what should you buy first when expecting a baby?

  • Self Care Essentials

Before we get started on the list of baby essentials, we can’t emphasise enough how much a mum-to-be deserves to be treated to a special gift, to congratulate her on her pregnancy and make her feel special.

So, if you are pregnant and you are looking for wonderful self-care products, then why not browse our Vegan Skincare Collection?

Here at Mama Jewels, we know all too well the physical toll that pregnancy and childbirth takes on women’s bodies. We also understand how frustrating it is for pregnant and postpartum mums to find effective skincare, that doesn’t contain toxic chemicals which could harm the baby.

This motivated us to create our very own Vegan Skincare collection. All of our products are completely pregnancy-safe, and they will leave the skin feeling clean, hydrated and plump.

Click here to shop our Vegan Skincare Collection.

For first-time mums, we recommend our Baby and Bump Balm.

Baby and bump balm natural soothing for mum and baby

All pregnant women deal with scratches, bumps, dry patches, stretch marks and everything in between.

Our Baby and Bump Balm is a natural, calming remedy to deal with those pesky skin issues. It is a 100% natural blend of skin-nourishing butter and oils, to soothe boo-boos!

Even the most sensitive little skin will be softened, which is why our nourishing balm can be used on babies, so their skin will feel hydrated and smooth.

Specially formulated for babies to provide moisture and nourishment to skin in need of TLC, our balm contains shea butter and almond oil for extra skin protection.

There is no need to worry about any animal-derived ingredients or toxic chemicals that can clog the pores or irritate the skin- this tub of goodness is free from preservatives, artificial perfumes and colourants.

Our gorgeous Baby and Bump Balm slides easily on the skin, giving mums-to-be that wonderful pregnancy glow!

Click here to shop our Baby and Bump Balm.

  • Breastfeeding Essentials

Even if you are early on in your pregnancy, it is never too early to start preparing for your breastfeeding journey.

Why is breastfeeding important? Babies can be breastfed for the first six months of their lives, starting from the first hour after birth. Breast milk contains all the nutrients and energy that the baby needs for those six months; it continues to provide up to half or more of the baby’s nutritional needs during the second year of life.

Many first-time mums don’t realise that they can buy products ahead of time to aid their breastfeeding journey.

For some babies, breastfeeding comes naturally, while others are not so lucky.

Temporary issues are normal when it comes to breastfeeding. Your baby may get distracted during breastfeeding, or struggle to latch on, while some women get a temporary oversupply of milk, which can result in a fussy and irritable baby. Don’t worry, though, it takes time and practice, and soon, breastfeeding will get easier.

So, what breastfeeding essentials are a good idea for first-time parents?

We recommend buying a Breastfeeding Cover, which is a large, soft sheet, that covers the mum and baby during breastfeeding. The aim is to offer privacy and comfort for the intimate moments of when your baby breastfeeds.

At Mama Jewels, we sell a Breastfeeding Cover made from bamboo and organic cotton, which is a lightweight and naturally breathable material. Our Breastfeeding Cover comes in stylish patterns of terracotta leaves, pastel flowers, mustard dots, mustard swirls, monochrome, or green leaves. Like a one-shoulder top, the breastfeeding cover slips nicely over the mum’s body, feeling roomy and super comfortable.

Pastel flower bamboo organic cotton Swaddle wrap breastfeeding cover

This lovely Breastfeeding Cover is also ideal for wrapping your baby to sleep, as well as for cleaning up after feeding and winding. Overall, it is a great accessory to prepare for motherhood.

Click here to shop our Breastfeeding Covers.

  • Baby clothes

Another must-have product for first-time parents is baby clothes.

You may be tempted to pick the cutest outfits from the shelves and call it a day. But there is a recommended list of newborn clothing essentials which you should buy for the baby’s first few weeks of life.

For a newborn baby, the NHS recommends preparing the following clothing:

  • 6 stretch suits (all-in-ones) for both day and night (or 4 stretch suits and 2 nightdresses for the night).
  • Socks and booties to wear with the nightdresses if it is cold.
  • 2 light cardigans (wool or cotton rather than nylon).
  • A shawl or blanket to wrap your baby in.
  • A wool or cotton hat, mittens, and socks or bootees for going out.
  • A sun hat, which offers shade from direct sunlight.

Personalised Baby Onesie

Have you decided on your baby’s name? Are you looking for a cute onesie for the little tyke?

Well, at Mama Jewels, we offer personalised onesies that will make a beautiful addition to your little angel’s wardrobe.

Our Monogram Baby Onesie (Blue Teal) and Monogram Baby Onesie Floral Pink (Short Sleeve) are absolutely adorable. Suitable for babies between 0 and 3 months, these onesies are made of 100% organic cotton, for superior comfort and easy cleaning.

Click here to shop our Personalised Baby Onesies.

Monogram baby onesie | Blue Teal

Baby Bibs

No parent will want spillages, vomit or drool making a mess everywhere, which is why a bib is an essential baby product.

At Mama Jewels, we offer a variety of Dribble Bibs, which are suitable from birth onwards.

These bibs are available in many different designs and colours, so you can choose which one reflects the personality of your mini-me the most!

With a cotton front, and fleece at the back, our Dribble Bibs are perfect for keeping your baby’s clothes dry during those dribbly moments.

Click here to shop our Dribble Bibs.

  • Baby Furniture

Being a first-time parent means you will have to purchase a whole host of new furniture items specially for the baby.

Here are a few essentials you will need:


  • Cot & mattress
  • Baby bedding and blanket
  • Moses basket
  • Baby monitor


  • Pram or pushchair
  • Car seat


  • Nappies and wipes
  • Changing table and changing mat
  • Nappy bag
  • Laundry hamper for soiled clothing
  • Storage unit or boxes to store baby clothes and essential supplies


  • Baby bottles and bottle brush
  • Bottle steriliser
  • Muslin clothes
  • Bib
  • Breastfeeding Cover
  • Breastfeeding pads
  • Nursing pillow

Bath Time

  • Bath tub
  • Towel
  • Baby toileteries


  • Play mat
  • Baby toys
  • Baby bouncer

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