New parents, in particular, tend to buy things for their newborn that aren’t needed, and they aren’t alone. People love to shower newborn babies with gifts to show how much they love them, but if you want to give a newborn a gift, make sure it is something useful, beautiful or both!

The last thing new parents need is a house full of newborn gifts that take up space. This article guides you to the best newborn gifts that are safe and guaranteed to put a smile on the new parents’ faces, like baby gift boxes and what not to buy.

Unnecessary newborn items not to buy

Here we have comprised a list of items that people often buy for a newborn that isn’t necessary. If you had your eye on something on this list, sorry to burst your bubble, but you might want to think again.

Nappy bin

These seem like good ideas in theory, but in practice, they are unrealistic. Nobody wants to keep smelly nappies in their house in any kind of bin, and most new parents regularly take them to the outside bin.

Most new parents only use a nappy bin for the first few days; then, it’ll collect dust in the corner. A nappy bin doesn’t exactly scream elegance, beauty and love. As good as your intentions are, put the nappy bin back on the shelf.

Chemical-filled baby products

Avoid potentially harmful chemicals in baby skincare products, and always check the labels. Don’t assume that just because it’s for babies, it doesn’t contain any nasties like sulphates and phthalates.

In the past, people didn’t know the harmful effect of some chemicals put into baby skincare products, but modern-day parents are savvier to it and tend to lean towards naturally derived, vegan products.

At Mama Jewels, we stock the most delectable range of vegan-approved skin and body care for bumps and babies, including balms, massage oils, soaps and even face masks for mummy too.

Cot bedding

Beautiful cot bedding sets and accessories are available, but safety must come first. It is recommended that pillows and duvets shouldn’t be used for babies because they can make them too hot.

A baby food processor

Most people have a blender in their kitchen, and a baby food processor is the same thing, exact they are more expensive and tend to be smaller.

A regular food processor will do a great job blending and pureeing food for babies during the weaning stage, and it can also be used for other things because of its large size.

A baby-changing bag

Usually, parents get a baby changing bag as part of their travel system, so if they end up with more than one, they are likely to choose the one that matches their pram. Or, if they don’t choose a baby-changing bag for themselves, chances are they don’t want one.

Baby changing bags offer nothing different to regular bags. They might have more pockets and compartments than standard bags for all the baby bits a parent needs, but plenty of good bags do the job just fine without the extra price tag.

Plus, regular bags are longer lasting. A new parent will only use a pretty butterfly or adorable dinosaur bag for so long before the baby is older and they switch back to a regular bag.

Baby Shoes

When should a baby have their first pair of shoes? This is at the parent’s discretion, but babies don’t need shoes until they confidently walk around. Even though baby shoes are adorable and fun to look at, they are impractical and could go to waste.

Baby towels

Again, baby towels are cute but so unnecessary. Baby towels will likely get mixed up amongst regular household towels and are only used if convenient. New parents will quickly sift through the baby’s stuff to find what they need, and having unuseful gifts to store isn’t helpful.

Difficult to wash clothing

New parents are extremely busy and sleep-deprived, so make life easier for them and don’t gift their bundle of joy with difficult-to-wash or delicate clothing that is handwash only or needs special attention.

It is a lovely gesture to gift them with a beautiful, luxurious, handmade piece of clothing, but the chances are it’ll get dirty the first time the baby wears it and will get ruined. A busy parent doesn’t need the pressure of keeping expensive clothes pristine whilst learning to adapt to a new baby.

Instead, why not fill a baby gift basket? Choose practical, safe, beautiful and thoughtful gifts, place them neatly inside a lovely basket, and decorate it for a personal touch.

Leave it up to the parents

Some things should be left up to the parents and aren’t the place of other people to buy. Every new parent has a choice about how they raise their new bundle of joy; others shouldn’t assume what they’ll do and how they’ll do it.

Here is a list of things people buy for newborns that should be left to the parents.

  • Dummies – don’t assume the newborn will use them.
  • Breastfeeding accessories such as pumps – not every new mother breastfeed their baby.
  • Bottles – same as above; don’t assume the baby is bottle-fed.

Instead, give them something handmade, personal and elegant, like these baby boy hampers and baby girl hampers on our Mama Jewels website.

What you should buy for a newborn

So, what should you buy for a newborn? Don’t worry; there are plenty of gorgeous and useful gifts that you can buy for a newborn baby that the parents will gladly use.

Questions to ask yourself when buying for a newborn

  • Is it safe?
  • Is it helpful?
  • Will it get used?
  • Does it add value?
  • Is it beautiful, cute, adorable and perfect for a perfect baby?
  • Is it vegan?
  • Is it natural?
  • Is it environmentally friendly?

If you’ve decided to create your own hamper but aren’t sure what to put inside a baby bundle, here are some excellent ideas to get you started all of these items are available on our Mama Jewels website.

Dribble bibs

Babies dribble all the time to protect their clothes and to avoid rashes around the baby’s chin, neck and chest, parents use dribble bibs, and they go through them quickly. Dribble bibs come in all kinds of beautiful designs, which make them lovely and useful gifts.

Cuddly toy

Cuddly toys are a thoughtful gift for a newborn because they offer comfort and support. A cuddle toy can be something the baby cherishes as they grow up and can even become a favourite keepsake. Make sure the cuddly toy you buy is newborn-safe and handmade for an extra special touch.

Teething toys

When babies are teething, it can be highly uncomfortable for them. When a tooth breaks through the gums, they get the urge to bite things to ease the tension and help the tooth come through.

Teething toys are excellent, helpful toys with many adorable designs. Make sure you choose a food-grade safe, silicone teething toy.

Organic baby products

When buying baby products, it’s a great idea to buy organic, naturally derived vegan products that nourish and protect the baby’s skin. Shea butter and almost oil are lovely ingredients often used in baby natural baby products.


A storybook is a delightful gift for a newborn and offers the parents precious bonding time with their new baby. Choose an extra special book that they can enjoy together as a family and give the gift of beautiful memories.

Swaddles and muslins 

Swaddles and muslins are helpful for new parents, not only for swaddling but also for wiping little spills, burping clothes, breastfeeding cover or as super light blankets. Swaddles and muslins come in various shapes, sizes and cute designs, making wonderful gifts for newborns.

Something personalised

There is no gift more thoughtful than something personalised. Mama Jewels have some beautiful personalised gifts for babies, including personalised teething toys. Or create your own hamper, so you have specially selected all the gifts yourself.

Baby Gift Hampers

At Mama Jewels, we sell planet and vegan-friendly artisan gifts and gift hampers, and we have a range of beautiful baby gift hampers to choose from.

Everything we sell is fair trade, and most of our products are made here in the UK by small independent businesses, so not only will you be getting a beautiful gift, but you’re supporting small businesses too.

We have customers worldwide who repeatedly return to us because of our high-quality products and hampers. We hope you enjoy them, too, and we look forward to sending your order.