What to Put in a Baby Boy Hamper

At Mama Jewels, we help you celebrate life just that little bit easier, we are here for gifts for newborns and/or pregnant mothers.

Sometimes it can be difficult to know what exactly to get for them, maybe you want to do more than a card, maybe you want to get them a baby hamper. In this blog, we at Mama Jewels will be sharing with you what to put in a baby boy hamper.

Whether you are celebrating a birth, a birthday or a religious event, a baby hamper is a perfect gift for a pregnant mother or their newborn baby. A thoughtful present with a range of options suitable for anybody.

Do babies need a baby hamper? What should I avoid?

A baby hamper is a range of gifts specially selected for a newborn or their mother.

Items can range from clothing, toys and dolls, bibs and swaddle blankets, and even skincare items or bibs. The range is large, check out our blog for more information on gifts to include in baby hampers.

Babies don’t exactly need a hamper, but it can be an extremely thoughtful gift that can give the parent extra things they may need for their child. The wide variety of options available comes in especially helpful if you’re stuck deciding on a particular item.

What should I avoid when it comes to baby hampers?

  • Some parents are very adamant that they do not want their baby to use a dummy or pacifier. Try and gauge the parent’s view on this if you are surprising them with a gift.
  • Buy gender-neutral baby gifts if the expectant parents haven’t yet shared the baby’s gender or intend to raise the child as gender-neutral.
  • A newborn baby’s skin is very sensitive, so any skincare or bath products should be free from toxic chemicals and should not irritate the baby’s skin.
  • There is no need to gift bedding items such as heavy blankets, pillows or duvets for a newborn; these put the baby at risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), so they should never be placed inside a cot or Moses basket.
  • If you are gifting a second-hand item, make sure it is safe, as used items may present a danger for a newborn baby.

An example of this is a used car seat that hasn’t been stored correctly or cleaned since it was last used, this lack of cleaning can lead to a buildup of dust and mould which can be harmful to anyone, especially newborns.

So now that we know what a baby hamper is, and what to avoid when getting one, let us show you the range of options we have when it comes to what to put in a baby boy hamper.

Gift hampers for baby boys

Are you struggling to know what to put in a baby boy hamper? Well, we at Mama Jewels have you covered, we offer a range of baby boy hampers, and we have vegan options, Christmas options and gender-neutral options too!

These hampers are pre-prepared for you, so all you need to do is take a look and select the one that you like.

Gifts for baby boys

Baby boy in cardboard box

So maybe you don’t know what to put in a baby boy hamper, or the parent has said they don’t want any massive gifts, we cover all aspects here at Mama Jewels. Here are some options we offer.

Baby boy personalised gift box blue dinosaur & teething toy

The perfect baby boy personalised gift with a cute dinosaur knitted toy and a personalised rattle toy that won’t get mixed up with other babies.

A gorgeous baby boy personalised gift box blue dinosaur & teething toy suitable from birth. All wrapped up in a gorgeous box, wrapped in tissue and finished with a complimentary gift card and ribbon.

  • Comprises:
  • Dinosaur blue knitted cotton teething toy/rattle
  • Silicone and beech wood teething toy/rattle which can be personalised
  • Message card with ‘Hello little one!’
  • Re-usable kraft gift box, that would make a fabulous memory box
  • Finished with coordinating polka or stars ribbon

New Mum & Baby Gift Basket, Newborn Baby Hamper | blue Miffy Nijntje

A lovely way to treat both Mum and baby with beautiful and practical gifts. Everything in this gift box is eco-friendly and vegan-friendly.

Each box includes a paper peony in your chosen colour which coordinates with the lip butter. Go for the colour Mummy-to-be would love most, or maybe if you know the gender of the unborn baby you could choose the colour most suitable.

All wrapped up in a beautiful coordinating ribbon-wrapped box, with a personalised gift card that can be posted directly to mummy-to-be or new mummy!

The gift box contains:

For baby

  • Gorgeous retro cord fabric authentic Miffy bunny – 23cm – suitable from birth
  • Cotton baby bib
  • Pineapple teething toy for baby
  • Lavender Organic Baby soap – 100g bar
  • Organic shea butter Baby and bump balm – 100ml jar
  • Reusable memory box – 30cm x 23cm x12cm

For mum

  • Matcha green Face mask – 45g (dry weight) jar
  • Lavender Bump and baby massage oil – 100ml bottle
  • Lavender heart bath bombs – 2 bath bombs
  • Hemp and avocado lip butter – 15g jar
  • Gift card with a personalised message
  • Mama Jewels silicone and beechwood teething necklace – adjustable size

At Mama Jewels we understand that you may want to choose your hamper yourself, along with its contents, that is why we offer the option to curate your own gift hamper.

Christmas New baby gift box newborn | vegan | bunny | Red stars

A lovely eco-conscious Christmas gift for a newborn baby. Organic, natural, and vegan friendly.

New Baby Gift box contains:

  • Gorgeous cotton knitted white bunny – 20cm – suitable from birth
  • 100% Cotton baby bib
  • Organic shea butter Baby and bump balm – 100ml jar
  • Reusable eco box – 15cm x 15cm x 10cm

Gifts are beautifully packed in eco-crinkle, then completed with coordinating polka dot ribbon, with a personalised gift card of your choice and your message. Can be sent directly to your gift recipient.

Eco-friendly baby gift Box, newborn | vegan | bunny

An eco-conscious gift for a new baby. Organic, natural, vegan friendly, and sustainable with a children’s storybook that can be planted when you’ve read it over and over! Plus it’s unisex and great for when the gender is not yet known!

New Baby Gift box contains:

  • Gorgeous cotton knitted white bunny – 20cm – suitable from birth
  • 100% Cotton baby bib
  • Made from 70% bamboo Rayon and 30% organic cotton swaddle/wrap size 120cm x 120cm
  • Organic shea butter Baby and bump balm – 100ml jar
  • Willsow plantable children’s storybook printed on paper containing real vegetable seeds. So you can have lots of fun reading the story and growing your own lettuce together.
  • Reusable white memory box – 23cm x 23cm x8cm

Gifts are beautifully packed in eco-crinkle, then completed with green polka dot ribbon, with a personalised gift card of your choice

Curate your own hamper

New born baby hamper

You are the best person to decide what goes into a curated hamper. If you’re building it for your expectant friend, you can add some pregnancy essentials that will come in handy and you know they’ll love.

Curating a present for a new mum? Add baby toys, breastfeeding journals and other goodies into your personalised gift box hamper and be sure she’ll want to keep it.

You don’t have to choose between great-looking gifts and those that will be useful for the receiver. Our curated hampers are perfect in both ways. Everything will be specially chosen for them.

Design for the occasion

Is it a baby shower, a celebration of the birth or maybe a religious ceremony? Or do you want to show your support to your friend who’s just found out she’s pregnant? When deciding on the contents of your gift basket, make sure they are suitable for the occasion.

Then choose a basket that can fit all the products you’ve hand-picked. Our custom hamper boxes for newborns and mums are available in three sizes to hold up to 11 gifts:

  • Extra large
  • Large
  • Small

A personal touch

In addition to the contents, you can customise the way you’ll present your basket. Select the receiver’s favourite accent colour and include a beautiful message to write on your gift card. With these personal touches, your personalised gift box for baby & mum will certainly feel unique.

Packaged in wonderful magnetic kraft boxes, Mama Jewels products can pamper every mum and mum-to-be. Order a custom gift box hamper in the UK to elevate the moment for your friend!

Order our gift hamper today

Newborn baby sleeping

We hope to have helped you decide what to put in a baby boy hamper.

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