Why You Should Use Vegan Skincare

Did you know that 62% of people have said they buy vegan skincare even if they do not follow a vegan diet? Deciding to use vegan skincare is about more than just making an ethical choice but about choosing a product that is brilliant quality. The figures speak for themselves, as the global vegan cosmetics and skincare market is set to increase in value by 6.57% by 2028. 

At Mama Jewels, we are advocates of vegan skincare for many reasons, which we will cover in this article. With some of the biggest global brands turning to vegan alternatives for their much-loved products, choosing a natural, plant-based product is a brilliant option for many people.

What are the benefits of using vegan skincare?

There are many advantages associated with using vegan skincare solutions, with some of our top benefits being the following:

Vegan skincare is packed full of vitamins. Due to the nature of the products, more vitamins and natural goodies are used to create skincare products. Whilst you can still find chemical ingredients in some vegan skincare items, if you wish to avoid them altogether, they are easier to find thanks to the other natural components. 

The most used ingredients which are great for your skin are vitamins A, C and E.

They are eco-friendly solutions for everyday products. Due to the types of ingredients included in vegan skincare, the development process offers a more sustainable solution to skincare product creation.

All solutions are cruelty-free. Did you know that 88% of the top beauty brands in the world also fund animal testing? This is a considerable number and results in only 3% of animals surviving the testing process. Vegan skincare eliminates all forms of animal testing, meaning you can use your products with a completely clean conscience. 

They are not just good for your skin but improve your overall health. The nature of skin means it is porous. In fact, the skin can absorb 60% of products that are applied. Ingredients that are not natural pose a huge risk to your skin health and your general well-being. This is a particularly important element to consider if you are buying gifts for a new or expectant mother. 

Are vegan beauty products better for your skin?

Woman applying skincare product

The natural ingredients used in vegan skincare make the products a superior choice for healthy skin. Instead of adding chemical alternatives that are designed to mimic the natural replenishment of minerals, vegan products add goodness back into your body. This makes them a brilliant choice for both new mums and pregnant ladies.

You will still need to read the labels to avoid chemicals completely, as some may still be contained. However, most vegan products will offer a 100% natural solution. 

Vegan ingredients, due to their plant-based properties, contain a whole host of vitamins and minerals, which pose anti-inflammatory benefits amongst their many qualities. As many as 70% of women and 60% of men report suffering from sensitive skin, so these organic skincare solutions offer not just a nice-to-have but an essential solution. 

Take a look below at some of the leading vegan skincare ingredients to see for yourself the fantastic benefits that they can bring to your skincare routine: 

Vitamin C: This is one of the most common vitamins found within vegan skincare, which includes skin brightening and protection among its many qualities. This natural vitamin is also ideal for reducing skin irritations and promotes natural healing for the skin and body.

Algae: Taking natural goodness from the coast, algae and kemp are commonly used to tone and hydrate skin. You will find them in lots of spa products due to their deep clarifying properties, which also improve the elasticity and resilience of the skin.

Vitamin E: This is a natural ingredient that, when included in skincare, mimics the antioxidant properties that the skin already possesses. As well as being popular for use in beauty regimes, it is also a vegan alternative to UV and irritant protection due to its calming properties.

BHA: Otherwise known as beta hydroxy acids, is a natural solution to exfoliation. As well as offering a natural way to remove the top layer of the skin, BHA also minimises pores and helps control excess sebum production, which can result in blemishes.

Hemp: This is an ingredient we favour as hemp offers a natural way to improve hydration which is an issue that many pregnant ladies and new mums deal with. Containing Omega 3 and 6, hemp promotes strong skin elasticity and is known for improving overall skin strength. It is commonly used in lip products and is showcased perfectly in our Natural Hemp and Avocado Lip Butter. 

Matcha Green Tea: Not just good if you are craving a healthy hit next time you visit your favourite coffee shop, matcha green tea is also a brilliant began skincare ingredient. It works naturally to improve microcirculation which makes skin look and feel amazing. Our Vegan Matcha Green Tea Rejuvenating Face Mask is an attractive solution if you want to try the natural qualities for yourself.

Does vegan skincare contain anti-ageing properties?

Another reason why you may want to consider using vegan skincare is that it contains natural anti-ageing properties. The global anti-ageing skincare market is set to be worth more than £100 billion by 2030, which shows just how much importance is placed on miracle cures to the natural ageing process. 

Vegan skincare is a great solution as it offers ways to combat the many factors that lead to skin looking older. Whilst it cannot reverse the ageing process, natural ingredients can be used to boost hydration, reduce pigmentation and improve elasticity which are all the main reasons for skin ageing. 

Bakuchiol is one of the most popular products that have increased the popularity of vegan skincare. As a natural solution to retinol,¬†bakuchiol is favoured for its natural ability to improve firmness and reduce fine lines.¬†This, combined with the vitamins commonly found in vegan products, works to enhance the skin’s natural properties. Therefore, anti-ageing is just one of the many benefits natural vegan products can bring.¬†

What is the difference between vegetarian and vegan skincare?

Whilst this may seem obvious, the marketing that goes into beauty products can make it difficult to know what is best to use for your skin. Vegan products contain no products that were made from animals or their by-products. Whilst many vegetarian products are seen to be more natural, the inclusion of ingredients such as beeswax, honey, and albumen means they are not 100% plant-based.

Can you use vegan skincare on babies and children?

If you are considering using a natural skin care product on babies and young ones, vegan products are a brilliant solution. Whilst you may still want to investigate each ingredient in a product, vegan ingredients are the most natural option for use on children and pregnant ladies. It is recommended that all chemical parabens and fragrances are eliminated from products used for young ones which is something we also agree with. As a rule of thumb, you should always look for a vegan stamp on any skin care products you intend on using for your baby.

If you are looking to buy a gift for a new baby, we have lots of solutions which take this natural alternative into account.

Vegan Skincare from Mama Jewels

mama jewels vegan skincare

We are huge fans of vegan skincare for all the reasons we have outlined in this article. In our opinion, they offer a touch of luxury which leaves anyone feeling nourished and special, what more could you want?

Pregnant ladies and mums-to-be can greatly benefit from the natural properties that vegan skincare offers, with some of our top, uses being the following:

To soothe growing and sensitive skin.¬†Our¬†Baby and Bump Balm¬†and¬†Natural Massage Oil¬†are both products that contain vegan ingredients for the purpose of improving general skin health. Whether you are looking to buy a gift or a pregnant ladies’ blossoming bump or want a solution that can be used for the whole family, looking for vegan products makes your buying process much easier.

To hydrate dry skin. Pregnant women can suffer from a lack of nutrients in the body. This can lead to dry skin, which is commonly found on the lips and hands. Both our Calendula and Chamomile Hand Salve and Hemp and Avocado Lip Butter offer natural ways to improve moisture levels. They are also luxurious to use, with the rich oils offering a smooth and rich product. 

To enjoy some pregnancy-safe pampering.¬†Expectant mothers must be super careful with their pampering, as certain products and treatments can cause more harm than good. Our¬†Vegan Match Face Mask¬†is a brilliant way to incorporate some spa-like goodness into a pregnant lady’s beauty regime.¬†

Do you feel more clued on the reasons that people choose to use vegan skincare?

With the benefits being plentiful for people of all ages, we think that vegan skincare offers benefits to people of all ages. Whether you want to look younger or feel healthier, these natural alternatives to everyday products are something we love at Mama Jewels.