Hello! (I’m Judy)  I think this might be a long shot but I wondered if anyone would like to take part in one of two features I’m writing for Boots Parenting Club. 

Both of them really warm and upbeat.

The first is about breastfeeding. I’m looking for mums with babies up to about 6-7 months to talk about what helped them carry on breastfeeding their babies after initial problems – perhaps expressing was the answer, or advice from a GP, or just the realisation that breastfeeding gave you the excuse to relax on the sofa!

The other one is about weaning and I’m looking for straightforward case studies with babies under 1 who used different methods — whether that was baby led weaning, making everything themselves, or using ready-made meals etc

We’ll need case studies and their babies to come to a London photoshoot (expenses paid). There will be hair and make up and it will be a lovely day. You’ll also receive a £25 voucher for taking part.

Please email judyyorke@montimedia.co.uk to get in touch