Choose a wooden teething necklace for your teething baby

Not only is natural wood a brilliant natural teething material for babies, it is a stylish and versatile medium that can be used to make beautiful wooden teething necklaces that are baby proof when tugged and chewed by babies, but remain subtle and stylish for the mum that wears them.

Unlike many of the new silicone teething necklaces available, wood is timeless, classic and creates beautiful jewellery and has been used by mothers for centuries as a natural way to provide relief. A wooden teething necklace, with it’s beautiful natural textures, colours and warmth, has natural ‘Give’ which allows baby to bite down and relieve pressure.

Wood can be washed and dried and reused for many years and can be re-treated with natural oils to bring back shine and lustre.

Our team of mums (and one dad) at Mama Jewels have been creating beautiful teething necklaces made from natural wood with accents of acrylic and resin (all non toxic and washable) since 2009.


We have recently added silicone to our collections, but find that silicone itself is very bland in texture and so we are still using a combination of wood and silicone to add texture and a more natural feel.

All Mama Jewels necklaces from our baby proof collection are designed to be stylish but most importantly designed so that your baby or child will NOT break them. Each necklace is quality checked and each design is strength tested, washable and made from non toxic materials.

If you would like to see more of our wooden teething necklace collection or indeed you would like a bespoke necklace making to suit your own taste, please visit our website and we will be happy to accommodate your design. The Teething necklaces section of our website has a great range to choose from.