Every year I dream that I will be my own ideal perfect Mum who has all presents wrapped by 30th November, the house is festively decorated like a scene from The Lion the Witch and the wardrobe and we will all be relaxing by the fire playing Pictionary in the lead up to Christmas day.

It’s no wonder Santas strap line is ‘Ho Ho Ho’, because¬†then I remember that not only am I a very busy mum of three, who wants to be at every gorgeous Nativity and carol service that my children are involved in and attend every school and nursery Christmas fair and event going, ¬†I also run a business, who’s busiest time of the year is December and that actually other peoples Christmas gifts and deadlines take priority over my own.

This year I promised myself I would start earlier, prepare better and stress less. Did it happen? Well partially I guess it did – I’m a work in progress and I do actually feel less pressure than I did last year.

Inspired by some very organised Mums at school, I started shopping in October and got the main chunk of it out of the way.

I made sure that the business was readier than ever to take the mad fortnight influx of December orders from everyone like the old me who starts shopping on December 1st.

Next I decided to take a break from personal Social media which when I analysed it takes up far too much of my time and reading some posts sends me into panic mode as i despair at how ‘Jonny’s mum’ finished her shopping in July and is now preparing hand baked personalised treats for family stockings. Arrgh that’s MY idealised life?!

I’ve also delegated more to Hubbie, releasing a tiny bit of the control freak in me, although I am ¬†still carrying out regular progress and quality checks on my otherwise lovely other half, who can’t possibly achieve the standards required of my perfect¬†life, can he?

Finally and hardest of all I am trying to give myself a break, stop trying to be UBER mum and¬†instead¬†trying to remember that in the true sense of Christmas; ‘Peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind’, I should be enjoying ‘Peace’ bit.

So in the words of Princess Elsa I am really trying to ‘Let it go!’, be a teeny bit better prepared and accept that being a mum and running a business at this busy time of year, I can’t have my cake and eat it and still enjoy Christmas.

Happy Christmas everyone!