Crochet nursing necklace for breastfeeding with style

Ask any breastfeeding mum and they will tell you, it’s a precious time together. The one part of the day where you are totally and 100% focused on the baby in your arms, as you nourish and nurture in the way that nature intended. And when babies are newborn, breastfeeding is often a long, drawn out affair too, as baby takes her time getting to know you. This doesn’t always change either, as some babies like to continue to take their time even as they grow older, and nursing sessions never seem to shorten in length at all. This is totally normal and you should enjoy it while you can! What does tend to be a little different though, is the fidgeting. Older babies like to have something to hold on to while they feed. Something to pull. Something to fondle. Something to grab. Again, ask any breastfeeding mum and she’ll tell you – that something tends to be her. Her hair. Her breast (ouch!) or her necklace. Which is why nursing necklaces with crochet teething toys are so fantastic! Why not take a look we have a great selection of Crochet nursing necklace for breastfeeding with style.

Our nursing necklaces are durable and safe- so that baby is free to pull and grab as much as she likes, without fear of it ever breaking. Unlike the other necklaces that have been lingering in your jewellery box, nursing necklaces are made to withstand those little hands that like to grab and pull. The beads we use are big and perfect for chewing too, so when the time comes for teething you are already one step ahead. The nursing necklaces also come as a gift set with crochet teething toys that are guaranteed to make a perfect gift for new mums. A nursing necklace for distraction during feeding, and a soft, safe and durable teething toy for baby!

Again, ask any breastfeeding mother and she will tell you- retaining her sense of style is just as important as not having her hair pulled every time she sits down to feed her baby! So there’s no need to hide your jewels away- wear them with pride, safe in the knowledge that they’ve been designed with you in mind.