Lose your baby weight

This month we bring to you a quick simple and altogether flexible way in which you can get back in shape whilst your little ones are in bed. Us mums know all too well how fitness and excercise can go to the bottom of the pile when a new baby comes along.
This workout is adaptable, energetic and you get to choose the pace. it’s broken down into flexible and manageable blocks which means even if you only manage 15 minutes you’ll still got an all body workout.
Simply pop on your favourite High energy Itunes ( We chose Pendulums’ latest album ) and shake that booty

Lounge Workout


gently jog on spot for count to 100

15 Press ups

20 Sit ups

20 Leg raises


Higher energy jog on spot for 100

50 squats

20 Lunges

20 Triceps dips


Jog on spot for 100

50 Standing Pec Dec

20 Side reachesĀ  ( each side )

15 Box Press ups

20 Sit ups


High energy jog for 100

20 Leg raises

50 Squats

20 lunges


Lower energy jogging on spot for 100

20 Trice dips

50 standing pec dec

15 Press ups

20 Sit ups

20 Leg raises


walking to cool down for 100

Front dorsal raises stretching out the back


and your done!

This excercise programme has been adapted using the Fitness Bible workouts. It’s not endorsed but it’s worked for me!

Please remember that this is not designed for pregnant ladies or the time before the go-ahead after your six week check. Please seek medical advice before embarking on any new excercise.