Being a Mummy is a tough job, which is why new mums need lovely gifts to cheer them up along the way. At Mama Jewels we have an ever growing unusual selection of New mum gifts, little presents for new mum to make her feel special.

Breastfeeding necklaces, Gorgeous Nappy purses, Silver finger print jewellery,breastfeeding reminder bracelets, and some really clever little tops for covering up when you are breastfeeding.

It’s time to banish feeling mumsy and take on a MotherhoodĀ  filled with usefull, pretty and gorgeous gifts

Whether your style is funky, sophisticated or casual yummy mummy, we have some beautiful new mum gifts to share.Ā  Mama Jewels is a lovely shopping experience designed to offer you a gorgeous selection of new mum and baby gifts.

Yummy Mummy Ruby Breastfeeding reminder bracelet