Making your own Nursing necklace can be fun and you will actually get the style you are looking for.

We have put together some guidelines on how best to make your Nursing necklace as safe as possible to wear around your baby.

1. You will need to source either plastic / acrylic / resin or wooden beads that are colour fast and can be washed. I would recommend having a look on EBay there are so many to choose from and you can buy from there in small quantities.  You will probably need around 80 beads of different sizes.

2. Make sure that the beads you buy do not contain any toxic substances. Lots of inexpensive beads made in the far east can be dyed with or contain Phlathates and Nickel. This is an irritant and is best avoided.

3. Ensure that all of your beads are smooth and have no rough edges. Your baby will be putting them into their mouth and the last thing you want is for them to cut themselves on sharp edges. using a metal nail file will help get rid of those nasty sharp bits.

4. Use a strong plastic or nylon cord that you know isn’t going to break when your baby gets their hands and teeth onto it. The cord that we use we test up to 90N which is part of the BS EN 71 safety test requirements on Toys.  EBay  and local bead shops have lots of options, but choose something flexible so that it is comfortable to wear when your baby pulls it. You will need approximately 2 metres of cord to allow for knotting between the beads.

5. Colours and textures are a great idea but actually dependent upon personal preference. In the early weeks of your babies life they can only really see black and white, dark and light and they don’t do too much pulling anyway. As they get a bit older, this is when your nursing necklace will come into its own, but as most parents know, babies will pull and tug at all jewellery, so there is really no need for bright toy like beads and colours. We would recommend sticking to colours that suit you and that complement what you wear!

6. Use a  very strong washable clasp made from plastic or acrylic. Many Nursing necklaces use break-away clasps so that if your baby pulls too hard they will open up preventing the necklace from breaking. The problem with this is that your necklace may end up on the floor or your lap mid feed. We have devised our own acrylic toggle clasps which are part of the necklace structure and are also tested for 90N strength with the rest of the necklace.

7. String the beads onto the cord and knot between beads to keep them in place and add character to your necklace. The knotting will also create the flexibility required with a Nursing necklaces and allow the necklace to sit more comfortably around the neck. When you have made the necklace to the desired length, you will need to make sure that you have enough cord left at the end to tie onto the clasp. If you use approximately 2m of cord as recommended you will have plenty of length left. When the clasp is attached create several knots to make sure it holds. It is then recommended that you test the necklace for breakage. We test using a Newton meter up to 90N which is very strong and around the pull strength of an adult.

8. Most of all, enjoy your necklace, enjoy making it and make it in a style that suits you and that you will love wearing and you still feel like a person… and finally if you think that this sounds like a lot of hard work and why not check out the beautiful selection of nursing necklaces that we sell at Mama Jewels. They are strength tested, non-toxic, washable and very stylish. Perfect for a Yummy Mummy like you 🙂