It’s Compassion week: Say hello to the little girl we sponsor in LIBERIA.
Way back in 2010 when Mama jewels began we decided that we would like to sponsor a child as a Business. This is not a huge expense at Ā£25 per month, but we just thought it would be great to provide support financially to a little person in need and as a Mum of 3 boys, I particularly wanted to sponsor a girl.

We were contacted by ACTIONAID and said that we would love to sponsor a girl and not long after we were sent a letter and picture of the beautiful Peterline!


Below is the first photo we received of our little girl and her village in Liberia.

Peterline was born in 2002 and was 8 years old when we first sponsored her, she looks so tiny for her age and lives with her family on a rice farm in the village of Pennokon in Liberia.


as a family we also sponsor a boy in Indonesia ‘ELVIS’ who actually shares the same birthday as my eldest son Jonah. This is not through ACTIONAID but through COMPASSIONĀ UK

We get letters from them both and we occasionally send them back, but this week I have felt encouraged to write more often.

During Compassion week I have been listening to people in the UK who sponsor children and how much the children love getting letters, so I really felt it was time for us to start sending more letters and as my 7 year old can now write on his own it would be great for him to do some of the writing too so that our children could also have more contact with Elvis and Peterline.

Here is the second picture we have received from Peterline and some of her drawings. The updates we get are often written by the actionaid workers as she does not speak or write English, but I think her drawings are amazing and every time we receive one it brings tears to my eyes.







I have written a new letter to Peterline today and included some up to date photos of our family and I can’t wait to get our next update back from our little girl!






If you feel able to sponsor a child like Elvis or Peterline then please use the links above on the action aid logos or Compassion logos and that will take you straight through to the information on how to find out more.

I look forward to keeping you updated. on Peterline’s progress.