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Great news! Our popular Tutti Fruitti necklaces are now back in stock and looking more gorgeous than ever!

Available in Pink and Mint stripes, Pink and Tangerine stripes and Pink with Turquoise stripes they are perfect for teaming up with this seasons super bright fashions.

After selling out our intial stock, they are back just in time for the Sunshine which is finally starting to show it’s face giving us a hint of Summer.

With all those Barbeques and street parties planned, style savvy mums out there will love wearing our baby proof designs which are perfect as a Teething necklace or nursing necklace or simply for those Mums who have grabby babies and a jewellery box full of broken necklaces.

Made using Mama Jewels exclusive strength tested design, using non-toxic acrylics and fashioned with the ‘Soft touch design’ unique to Mama jewels, this design is just one of a huge range of baby-proof jewellery that Mama Jewels bought to market in early 2010.

Hugely popular across the Mummy Blogesphere and with Fans like Kate Garraway and Kirsty Henshaw, Mama Jewels are the most stylish and trend aware baby proof necklace brand on the market.

Look out for Mama jewels AW 2012 collection which is due to be launched in early July 2012 and will feature some gorgeous NEW designs.