New and exciting venture Mama to Me, which launches at the end of September, will be giving both mums and dads up and down the country and easy and exciting way to run their own businesses from home whilst looking after their children.

Mama to Me - innovation to the parent nation

Mama to Me are now looking for parents interested in running their own supported business, directly to the people they socialise with on a daily basis – Mums and dads.

Mama to Me is a home based, direct selling business and you can find out more here where owners Kerri Lister and Amanda Waring have teamed up with many of the top names in Mum and baby innovation to bring parent inspired innovative products to baby groups, schools and playcentres.

Many of our products are established brands that have been invented by parents themselves to overcome a problem with their child, but some of the ideas are so new that that they aren’t yet available in national stores. Mama to Me plan to bring these new and exciting ideas straight to the customer via the direct parent selling route.

If you are interesting in becoming a Mama to Me area manager then please get in contact with Kerri or Amanda  here

We really look forward to hearing from you!