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Little gems of parenting wisdom

Mama Jewels began in 2009 when I was on maternity leave with my second son. I decided that the corporate world was no longer for me and left my career in Construction Project Management for something entirely more creative! I’m now a mum of three beautiful boys and wife to Matt, a P.E. teacher.

Amanda shares her highs and lows of parenting whilst managing a business, business tips, ideas for work-life balance and relaxation, whilst running a busy house and two businesses. Her youngest son struggles with hyperactivity, actually, we all struggle with his hyperactivity lol!.

Amanda is also the CEO of working with local creatives, delivering workshops to targeted community groups, struggling with low mood. She’s also a champion for small enterprise and enjoys helping to raise aspirations of young people interested in entrepreneurship within her local community. 

“I looked around the baby group and realised that most of the mums, like me had stopped wearing jewellery, when I asked why, they said “Our children keep chewing and breaking our jewellery so we just had to stop wearing it”. That was the moment I decided to use my artisan jewellery design skills to create jewellery that a baby can’t break, that can be washed, and is completely non-toxic for when babies chomp on it, but still looks gorgeous!”

”I truly believe pregnant and new Mums need pampering (so do Dads). It’s a really joyous, but really tough stage of life and can be so worrying, especially if your little one is struggling with sleep issues, teething, feeding or colic to name a few of the trials of being a mum. So many things change, including your identity and it can be really hard to adjust to becoming a parent. I totally get that, which is why Mama Jewels is here to spoil you”

Amanda Waring – Founder Mama Jewels