This Mothers day we’d like you to tell us why a deserving Mum that you know should win one of our fantastic Mama Jewels necklaces!

We have three fabulous prizes to give away and each winner will get to decide on their choice of necklace.

All you need to do is nominate your mum of choice and tell us why they should win  and if you think you are the deserving mum then ask a family member or friend to vote for you!

For example they may be a new mummy who is going through a rough time, or maybe a lovely Nana who looks after your children while you are at work, or you could nominate your childs teacher at school, it’s totally up to you, just tell us why you are nominating them on our facebook page or using the competition entry form via Rafflecopter below

After all entries are collected from Rafflecopter and Facebook we will draw up a shortlist and then winners will be picked at random on Mothers day itself!




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