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Evening skies, reflected by the dark turquoise of the ocean. Accents of plum, cyclamen and orchid. The dull calming textures of sea battered pier wood and pavement concrete or aged steel ballustrades. Are these the colours that get your creative juices flowing?
My latest Plum, Teal and Steel design board may just give an idea of what to put on this morning when you are rushing to be on time for school, swimming lessons or a coffee with friends.
Using staples from your wardrobe you could easily re-create this look and team is up with one of our beautiful and baby-proof ‘INCA’ Collar statement necklace.
  • Skinny Jeans ¬†( Try Topshop )
  • A simple Teal green / blue jumper ( Ebay, Zara or M&S)
  • Plum bag used as baby bag ( Topshop)
  • Converse ( I got mine from Ebay)
  • Mama Jewels¬†‘INCA’ necklace¬†

Plum and Teal