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Amber breastfeeding reminder bracelet

To celebrate National breastfeeding awareness week, we are giving away five of our lovely Breastfeeding reminder bracelets. They make a super cute little gift for any new mum who is breastfeeding and a gorgeous memory of such a wonderful time.

Designed to help mums remember which side to feed in next, Mama Jewels breastfeeding reminder bracelets come with cute little hearts that carry the slogan ‘Yummy Mummy’ or ‘This side next’

Not everyone is fortunate enough to crack breastfeeding, and many find it very tough indeed. Amanda Waring, founder of Mama Jewels found it very difficult with her first child and nearly gave up after a few weeks, yet found it very easy with her second child. She says  ‘I whole heartedly support National Breastfeeding support week. I think there is a misconception that it’s for a group of Hippy Mums to show how great they are at breastfeeding in public, when actually it is designed to try and provide support for those mums that are struggling. I struggled and would not have carried on without the help of my local Breastfeeding support group

National breastfeeding week runs from 20th June – 25th June 2011

Amber breastfeeding reminder bracelet