Is your baby going through the stage where he or she tries to chomp on anything? if so, a Teething necklace is a great solution to relieve the pressure on your little ones gums.

Made from 100% food grade silicone in a gorgeous array of fashionable colours, the teething necklaces we have avaialble at Mama Jewels are both stylish and practical.

Heart Teething necklace

With a slight shimmer to them, this selection of ‘Folk heart’ style necklaces are really pliable and the hole makes this type of teething necklace really easy for your baby to hold onto too. They are worn around the neck of the mum or care giver at the time and then whilst baby is sitting on your knee they can play and chomp on them to their hearts content.

Heart teething necklaces

As well as the heart shaped teething necklace, we have a selection of round pendant styles, and funky owl shaped ones too and if you prefer a more natural remedy, we even have some necklaces made using natural unfinished wood which your little ones can pull and chew on.

Have you usedĀ  teething necklaces in the past and found it really useful? We would love to hear how you have found using them with your little one and whether you would recommend them to other parents of teething babies. Contact Amanda at

The teething necklaces that we stock are from manufacturers Jellystone, Gumigem and Teething bling as well as our own on house design at Mama Jewels.

Eggplant Owl Teething necklace