Oh my goodness, isn’t it great that we are all so keen to better ourselves and make changes in our lives for the good?

You guys are so like me it’s funny! (Source: Recent facebook poll) How is it that we all want to make such similar changes in our lives and every New Year we promise ourselves and strive for ‘More me time’ More children time’ More husband time, ‘Get fit’ ‘Lose weight’ ‘New jobs, houses,’ ‘Relax more’ ‘Smile more’ ‘Have more fun’ ‘Start a business’ ‘Start a blog’ and generally aim to do those things we’ve always wanted to do. How are you doing with yours?

Until recently I’ve never quite known exactly where to go with this BLOG. ¬†I blog about new products I bring out, the odd exciting day out we have with the boys. Sometimes if the mood takes me, I open up a little bit and delve into ‘The dark days’ as my lovely friend often to refers to her dark days ( we all have them) and then occasionally I blog about a subject that really inspires me.

This January I intentionally didn’t want to make NY resolutions, but don’t you just find yourself doing it anyway? This year i’m calling them ‘Little life changes’ and they are both predictable and unexpected, so here goes;

1. ¬†Start to play the piano again – something I gave up when I discovered boys at around aged 16 and to be honest was never that amazing at, but then I did enjoy it. My first step is to Hire / buy a piano and i’m thinking my 41st birthday might be a good one for this.

2. ¬†Spend more individual time with my three boys – even if it’s just a story or a chat in the car. I do spend a lot of time with them and we do lots of exciting stuff. It just dawned on me over Christmas that none of it is individual. My first step was to make the executive decision to have every other Monday off and take my youngest boy Henry to a new playgroup. Our first week was amazing!

3. ¬†Accept that my figure will never be the same again – but still lose that last 10 lbs of baby weight. Sorry for you guys out there who don’t agree, but my general mood and well being is regulated by how I feel in my clothes. Call me shallow I know but I’m just being honest. My youngest boy is nearly 2 now and i’ve just turned middle aged! It’s now or never…

4. ¬†Get back into running in a big way – It’s my real big me time and I use it to think and relax and pray. For those of you who run you will understand; Its my THERAPY!

5. ¬† Improve my organisation skills and that of my family – A HUGE up hill battle in a house of 80% boys! I think I need a plan for this and I haven’t quite worked it out yet. Any suggestions very welcome!

6.  Have a plan for the Blog ( hence the blog post ) Рand so I have decided to try and share more of my experiences in both life and business. This is the main reason for setting up Mama Cafe ( have you heard about Mama Cafe?)  as I really feel that Mums out there may find it useful to share in the experiences I have had in setting up and ultimately running a business from scratch, from virtually no funding, no experiences in Sales and Marketing, but with a whole load of support and encouragement from friends and family along the way!

This does not mean there will not be some ‘dark day’ posts now and again, ¬†and it does mean that ¬†I may also be boring you with the 10 lb bulge battle, but I am hoping to bring you an insight into how i’ve managed to get this Baby ( Mama Jewels) off the ground, as well as looking after 4 other babies (well ok three and a very lovely Husband)

I hope my NY 2014 ‘Little life changes’ will be fun to read and please comment if you fancy sharing a little bit of your story too.

Amanda x