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What is a Nursing necklace?

What is a Nursing necklace?

What is a nursing necklace?

Our beautiful nursing necklaces are our top sellers, and there’s a very good reason for that. Not only are they a beautiful addition to your new mum wardrobe, but they serve a very useful function too! Not sure what a nursing necklace is? Read on to find out more.

What is a nursing necklace?

A nursing necklace is a specially designed piece of jewelry worn by new mums that don’t want to compromise on their style after their baby is born. Made from special materials that are guaranteed to withstand the strongest of baby grasps, nursing necklaces can be tugged and chewed without breaking. Simply put, they are safe pieces of jewelry that can be worn by mums who are breastfeeding their babies, without the risk of breakages and/ or choking on small beads.

Why are nursing necklaces recommended over regular chains and beads?

For mums who don’t want to strip down their personalities, accessories are often the easiest and most effective way to utilise the nursing wardrobe- which can often be a far cry from their usual attire. The postnatal period can be a time where many new mums feel a little uncomfortable in their own clothes, and nursing wear is limited at best. By adding a necklace, a little personal style is retained- and why not? We all want to look and feel our best, after all.

Nursing necklaces are made with two key concerns in mind- the first being safety of the breastfeeding baby, and the second being mum’s style and sense of individuality. From around the age of three months, babies start to become more aware of their surroundings. With that awareness comes natural curiosity, and often during breastfeeds babies will want to take a good look around. They’ll also start to gain more control over their hands- so tie your hair back, as babies like to grab! And it goes without saying that a brightly coloured necklace is fair game when it comes to practising grabbing and pulling, especially when it is hanging right next to you during feeding time!

A regular necklace is simply not safe for baby to pull on. Not only is a regular chain likely to break at the first grab, but any beads or charms are likely to pose a hazard to babies who also like to explore with their mouths. Nursing  necklaces are made with strengthened materials that will not break easily, and any beads are large enough to be nothing more than eye catching to babies.

You don’t need to be breastfeeding to wear a nursing necklace either. Most are designed to grab a baby’s attention and are beautiful.

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