January is a funny old time; resolutions for change, reflection on the past year, promises to yourself and missions for the future. Despite statistically being the most miserable month of the year, thankfully January is actually filled with lots of positivity.

Just to ascertain a rough idea of the most desirable changes for parents, I did a customer survey with our lovely Facebook friends and was quite surprised at how many people were honest enough to say (publicly on Facebook) that they would like to change the way they parent their children.

The main points being:

1. Spend more quality time with their children

2. Spend more time outdoors with their children.

3. Do more adventurous things with their children.

4. Have more time to help with fun learning activities.

5. Relax more.

6. Prepare more healthy and nutritious meals for the family.

7. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

It will probably come as no surprise that NOT ONE of the 354 people that answered the survey wanted to work longer hours, be away from their children and earn more money; funny how being a parent shifts the priorities in your life!

For the first two years of being a Mum with a business I worked every hour available and spent most of my time when I was with my children thinking about the business. I completely forgot why I had decided to work for myself and instead worked ridiculous hours just like when I had a ‘proper job’ (clearly said in jest!)

By year three I was exhausted, frustrated and despite many people warning me that being in business is for the long haul I still worked like a crazy woman with a new start up and neglected myself, friends and family including my boys.

A holiday with friends from university was the tipping point, when over a few glasses of wine they told me how awful I looked (true friends) and from this point I started to begin the re-balancing act which is still in progress today.

As time goes by, I become more aware of how precious time is with my 2, 5 and 8 year old and now make sure that days off, really are days off. During those days I get to spend quality time with my boys, go to the gym, cook lots of healthy food for the freezer (for the super busy days), meet with friends/family and generally relax more.

Work life balance is still a battle for me but it really is getting more enjoyable. I’d love to hear about your missions for the New Year 2015 missions and wish you every success with parenting for 2015.