Jewellery for new Dads

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Forget about torn bracelets and necklaces with baby-proof jewellery for dads

At first, Mama Jewels aimed solely at female audiences. But then we became a family business and expanded our assortment by adding accessories for men as well. And it was the right decision because dads love jewellery as much as moms do! Wearing fancy accessories is not considered a ladies’ exclusive privilege anymore. People tend to be progressive, leaving stereotypes behind. That’s why we’ve started making men’s dad jewellery, embracing the positive changes.

Why are our necklaces and bracelets called baby-proof? Because they are made from natural materials that don’t break when toddlers play with them. The beads of our men’s dad jewellery may be wooden, silicone, amber and stainless steel, while the strings are either acrylic, resin or nylon and can be washed. When your children start teething, you can be sure of their safety if they put your new dad’s jewellery in their mouths. 

Every parent knows how stressful this period can be for babies. So, having some distracting bling-bling on your neck or wrist can become a great means of calming both you and your little ones.

Important things to know about our father jewellery

Caring moms and dads often wonder whether our accessories meet EU product safety requirements. We can proudly say that they do. We carefully check all our products to guarantee that they are free from toxic materials and chemicals like BPA, PVC and phthalates. Our jewellery for dads doesn’t contain any heavy metals, lead or cadmium. Contact us for more information.

Another thing you should take a glimpse into before placing an order is Mama Jewels’ Delivery and Returns policy. Here are several essential points:

  • We ship all over the world. Shipping rates depend on the country of your residence. For customers from the UK, the commission is £3.50 for orders that are less than £40.
  • We deliver via Royal Mail. It usually takes less than a week. Deliveries to other states are carried out via standard airmail within 10-30 days.
  • We exchange items and accept returns. You can return any jewellery for new dads or swap it for another piece.

Do you want to look stylish while knowing that your babies won’t accidentally swallow or destroy your accessories? Then buy men’s bracelets and necklaces at Mama Jewels to enjoy the pleasures of fatherhood without worrying about your children’s safety! Your purchase will be as good as new even when your kids grow up. You have our word.