Teething bracelets & bangles

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Stunning selection of teething bracelets and bangles

Caring for a toddler is as exhausting as giving birth. But who said you can’t look your best when feeding, soothing or controlling the first steps of your little boy or girl? At Mama Jewels, we know you can, and it’s easier than you think. Get one (or a few) of our baby teething bracelets or bangles and make sure your little one is always looked after by a dazzlingly beautiful mom.

Mama Jewels is the only store in the UK that offers a baby-friendly jewellery selection catering for every mother’s tastes. Whether you’d like to get a beaded toddler teething bracelet or a sophisticated loose-fitting one, just take your pick when browsing our catalogue. Our range of accessories is synonymous with nothing but:

  •         Safety tested designs
  •         an abundance of designs that complement any outfit
  •         plenty of colours
  •         different bead shapes and baby-proof jewellery features
  •         durable and easy-to-clean items

You won’t find safer jewellery than Mama Jewels baby bracelets for teething

What makes our jewellery baby-proof is that it is safe for your toddler even when he or she tries to put whatever is at hand in his or her mouth. And that’s not only about food-grade materials. All Mama Jewels bracelets with beads are guaranteed to have special knot designs to prevent unfastening. So, even if they are pulled, they will never fall to pieces.

Don’t feel like wearing beaded jewellery? We understand your concerns and come up with a must-have solution instead. Opt for one of our round bangles and rest assured that they look as elegant as teething baby bracelets with beads. They are made of top-quality silicone and don’t feel tight on your wrist. More importantly, these bangles have no add-ons and pendants so that your baby has nothing to drag.

It looks astonishing, and it soothes your nerves

A fussy baby is every mother’s worst nightmare. Do you feel helpless every time your little one bursts into tears, too? With our jewellery, you can leave those worries behind. To calm your baby in a split second, give him or her a teething bracelet. Some of our ornaments can be used as teethers, helping you handle that restless period way easier.

Not only are they perfect additions to your outfit, but also our baby teething bangles are indispensable when it comes to soothing, entertaining or distracting. So, select the jewellery that matches your style and rest easy knowing it will work for your little one, as well!