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Teething Toys, Teethers and Teething rings

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  • Personalised teething toy

    Personalised Toy teething rattle| Pink, Mustard, Olive, Blue, Rainbow

  • Teething toy Pineapple silicone | Quartz pink


Teething Toys, Teethers and Teething rings

When baby starts cutting their teeth it can be a daunting time for them and for you. Thankfully, we have soothers and teething toys to help make the experience a bit more comfortable. Teething can be a stressful time for baby – it starts around 6 months right up until 2 years

Teething toys that can be put in the fridge help to soothe swollen and sore gums while your baby chomps on them.  Teethers with texture help to give baby something to gnaw on while the teeth come through. Look out for toys with raised or ribbed rings. Teething rings are the perfect size for little hands to grab onto, doubling up as toys. For more advice on teething read our guide BABY TEETHING SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS AND REMEDIES