Breastfeeding Gift boxes

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Breastfeeding gift boxes and accessories that make new mums feel comforted

Tender breasts, milk oversupply and embarrassment when breastfeeding in public are some of the woes that almost every new mum faces. But no obstacle is serious enough to give up. At Mama Jewels, we’ve wrapped up some breastfeeding gifts to help you (or someone you know) cope with common niggles as you enjoy your first days of being a mother.

These gift hampers are packed with love and support every nursing mum needs. Explore what seems to be the right choice for you to make breastfeeding more comfortable and pain-free!

Essential gifts for breastfeeding mums

We have several combos in our gift boxes, all beautifully wrapped up and ready to ship. Whether breastfeeding is hard for you physically or mentally, find your must-haves at Mama Jewels and let them save the day.

Mummies, rejoice as you choose from our breastfeeding gift baskets filled with:

  • Nipple soothing oils. Soften the effects of improper latches and increased sensitivity. Our hampers with natural soothing oils will help you relieve tender breasts and nipple pain during breastfeeding.
  • Cover-ups. Shield yourself and your little one from disapproving glances when breastfeeding outside your home. Bonus: our cover-ups are also great for swaddling.
  • Nursing pads. No more discomfort or embarrassment over leaking breasts. Nursing pads can be washed and reused between feeds until your system learns to regulate the milk flow.
  • Nursing jewellery. Make feedings more fun for your little one with Mama Jewels nursing jewellery. It’s baby-friendly and can be safely tugged during breastfeeding.
  • Breastfeeding journals. Keep a journal to record all those big moments and milestones you and your baby complete. Memories are the best presents for breastfeeding mums.
  • Snacks. Grab a quick bite whilst breastfeeding. Some of our gift baskets come with delicious vegan chocolate bars to beat your hunger pangs.
  • Breastfeeding recipe books. Get through insufficient milk supply and other nursing problems. These books cover nutrient-dense foods you want to eat for the sake of your baby.

Personalise your New Mum breastfeeding gift

You can make any hamper at Mama Jewels feel personal for your mummy friend by adding a free gift card to your selected basket. Remind them how happy they are to be mums and that every day is a triumph! You can also leave your own message.

We can send our breastfeeding gifts to UK-based recipients and worldwide. Select what you like today!