Company and corporate maternity leave and baby gifts

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Corporate baby hamper — The best way to show care to your mum-to-be colleague

Is your colleague, employee or close friend going on maternity leave? Stop racking your brain, trying to come up with the best gift idea for a mum-to-be. Here at Mama Jewels, we have a perfect option to show your sincere support and care — corporate baby gift boxes and hampers. They are made with the future mum’s needs in mind, comprising ultimate skincare products, accessories, and other handy trials to make a pregnancy pleasant and stress-free. Look through our selection of adorable company baby gift boxes to find the one that will make your colleague happy. We bet she will be deeply moved when receiving such a present.

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Company and corporate baby gift boxes: Everything to bring joy to the future mummy and her baby

At Mama Jewels, we are sure that every pregnant woman and her little one deserve all the best. Our corporate baby gifts comprise a plethora of organic, lovely goods consisting of baby-friendly components. That’s why, when ordering from us, you can rest assured that your gift is safe for both mum and infant. Dive into the cutest shopping experience to show care and love to your colleague expecting a baby. 

Here is what you can come across in our ever-expanding assortment:

  • Organic bath items. Lavender aromatherapy oil, soap and bubble bombs bring the feeling of pleasant relaxation.
  • Montezuma’s vegan chocolate. This sweet delicacy does not cause allergy and can be eaten even while nursing. 
  • Lip balms. The lack of vitamins may result in dry lips. Our oily balms will help to return them to natural velvetiness.
  • Thematic literature. Books about pregnancy and upbringing will give your presentee the required knowledge to come in handy in practice. 
  • Mama Jewels accessories. Baby-friendly stylish jewellery pieces for mummies are our most sought-after products. They are perfect for soothing the infant’s teething nibbles.
  • Baby goodies. Cute soft toys, teethers, rattles and cotton bibs are made of 100% organic materials and are suited from the very first days.
  • Personalised gift card. Express your support and give the best wishes by writing a couple of greeting words on a fine gift card.

Maternity leave presents should not be boring, and our amazing assortment of hampers proves that.

Order corporate baby gifts at the UK’s #1 store for future mothers

With over ten years on the market, the Mama Jewels brand has learned to cater to new mums’ and newborns’ needs. Our company and corporate baby gift sets comprise a variety of essentials for both newly minted mothers and infants. Created with ultimate care and dedication, all the knickknacks we put in our sets are intended to make the maternity leave more hassle-free and cloudless. Go to our Customer Testimonials section to find out what happy mamas think of our goodies after thorough test drives.

Go for our top-of-the-line company baby gift boxes to show your team’s love and support to your colleague who is in the lead-up to one of the major events in her life.