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Chewable jewellery for babies to meet all your kid’s teething needs
You may love your newborn child to bits, but you’re still powerless in protecting him or her from all the upcoming life challenges. Tooth cutting is only one of the unbearable things your little one will struggle with. Fortunately, you can help your little one out with a unique pain-relieving solution. Mama Jewels offers baby teething jewellery that you and your bundle of joy will benefit from. Our on-trend selection combines everything from bangle bracelets to charming pendants to minimise the discomfort that normally comes with tooth eruption.

Made from ce approved non-toxic silicone elements that are food-grade and BPA-free, strength tested, our chewing aids are safe for those tiny hands and easy to keep hygienically clean. Besides, our sling beads will perfectly suit your treasure box. No one will ever know their real purpose!

If you look around everywhere children crowd together, you’ll definitely find chewed pencils, bitten nails and other chomped things. Kids are regulating their nervous systems in that manner. With teething jewellery sets from Mama Jewels, you’ll be provided with a more favourable way to calm and hold your baby’s big emotions in check. Their effectiveness is beyond compare.
All-in-one jewellery for teething: Feel the blend of uniqueness and safety
Chewing can become a burning problem when it leads to self-injury, causes damage to items or exposes your child to potential choking. Rest easy knowing that you can avoid all those hazards if you stock up on our top-of-the-line products for teething. We offer the handiest teething jewellery in the UK to ensure not only peace-of-mind behaviour but also comfort for swollen gums. It’s gaining popularity at breakneck speed and has already helped many mums out there.

Our nursing necklaces and ring bracelets come with noticeable cushy beads and other parts that make them fancy complements to your overall look. They’ll pair up with any piece of clothing you’re wearing without overdoing it. What’s more, we produce baby teething jewellery with sleek cords that will neither rip your hair nor hurt your child. Such a combination of style and a risk-free approach will never go amiss for any parent.

How about some wooden CE tested toys? We have them in our ever-growing assortment, too. They’re made from eco-friendly materials so that your child can touch, snatch and munch them to sore his or her aching gums. Different textures and shapes will improve tactile learning and develop your kid’s motor skills. Your baby will adore a new toy, and you’ll be free from worries.
The never-failing place to shop for chewable jewellery in the UK
Mama Jewels sets the benchmark owing to our ultimate care for your little one. Our products are natural, so you can make no bones when purchasing them. Come up with a sought-after remedy for your child and let gum swelling run with fun and pleasure for both of you.

When hunting for teething jewellery for sale from Mama Jewels, you’ll find a surefire option to soothe sore gums at a fraction of the cost!