Teething necklaces

Safe and organic teething necklaces for mums and babies

It goes without saying that the teething phase is one of the most heart-rending experiences for mothers and their babies alike. When your little one is fussy, suffers from gum soreness and trouble sleeping, you can’t think about anything else but helping him or her get relief. Some may have recommended that you use teething rings or even numbing gels. The great thing about a Mama Jewels, non-toxic, safety tested nursing teething necklace is that it’s always to hand, around your neck and available for baby to chew and fiddle with.

Made from certified, premium-quality materials (natural wood, food-grade silicone, etc.), our jewellery is 100% safe to wear. Mama Jewels baby teething necklaces help your girl or boy switch off from sore gums and have something to play with instead. Although they do not serve as toys, our products are EN71:3-compliant and perfect for soothing a crying baby.

In addition to safety, we put a premium on design. All our adornments are made with pinpoint accuracy to look as sophisticated as you couldn’t even imagine. That is why a stylish teething necklace from our assortment will be a beyond-compare addition to every mom’s jewellery box.

Breastfeeding will be much easier with our baby teething beads

When your baby’s first teeth are about to erupt, he or she is likely to experience discomfort during breastfeeding. As a result, so are you. If your little one cries when sucking, you can try to keep him or her occupied with one of Mama Jewels feeding necklaces. As they have small, shiny beads, our items are like nothing else to fiddle with.

Unlike your regular jewellery, Mama Jewels nursing teething necklaces are proven to be extremely durable so that your baby cannot break one when twiddling. Plus, every item of ours is knotted in between to minimise the risk of bead swallowing. That said, you should never leave your toddler unattended.

A gift card is on the house

Want to get a personalised necklace? Feel free to select a free gift card when ordering it at the Mama Jewels store. For a more stunning effect, you can also leave any message (up to 300 characters) to be written on it and end up with a thoughtful gift.

We offer worldwide shipping to help mums all over the globe look elegant and care for their babies!