• Amber Teething necklaces

    Amber Teething necklaces (3)

    Beautiful Baltic Amber teething nursing necklaces for wearing by grownups. The SAFER way to get the benefits of natural amber remedies.
  • Liberty Print Jewellery

    Liberty Print Jewellery (30)

    Liberty of London jewellery

    Our Liberty of London jewellery is an extraordinary range of baby-proof jewellery using authentic Liberty of London fabric with true British artisan style and design.

    This is the Mama Jewels signature range and includes carefully selected Liberty of London print fabrics incorporated into each design.  This jewellery range provides an extensive selection of both wooden and delicate jewellery for the silver jewellery lover.

    Each design is extremely strong, washable and non-toxic making it baby-proof.

  • Teething pendants

    Teething pendants (1)

  • Baby-proof bracelets

    Baby-proof bracelets (34)

    Baby-proof bracelets

    A beautiful selection of baby-proof bracelets that match our baby-proof necklaces. 

    Our silicone teething bangles are great for mum to wear and can be used as a teething toy for your little one.

  • Teething Nursing necklaces

    Teething Nursing necklaces (109)

    Teething Nursing Fiddle necklaces

    Beautiful, Artisan designed, British made, incredibly stylish teething, nursing, fiddle necklaces that stand out from the crowd!

  • Baby-Proof Jewellery gift sets

    Baby-Proof Jewellery gift sets (12)

    Baby-proof jewellery gift sets

    Beautiful jewellery sets that contain baby-proof jewellery. Perfect for special occasions like Mothers day, Christmas and Birthdays.

    Each set contains a necklace and matching bracelet, gift boxed with instructions

  • Breastfeeding reminder bracelets

    Breastfeeding reminder bracelets (6)

    Breastfeeding reminder bracelets

    When babies are little we tend to be pretty forgetful. Our breastfeeding bracelet are designed to be used as a pretty reminder which side to feed on next.

    Every time you feed, as you are sitting feeding and relaxing you move the bracelet to your opposite side wrist to the side you are feeding on at that time.

    Next time you sit down to feed you will easily know which side you feed on next because the bracelet will be on that side.

    Each bracelet is gift boxed with instructions.

  • Explore by colour

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